Report nursing home mistreatment - it's the law!

Types of Nursing Home Abuse, Neglect & Mistreatment

Abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere. Abuse of an elder can happen in their own home, in a family's home, a boarding home, or nursing home facility. There are several different kinds of mistreatment.

Abuse can be physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, mental or emotional abuse, abandonment or exploitation. Abuse doesn't pertain to only the poor but includes the wealthy, the physically disabled, sick, mentally ill or mentally competent, alone or surrounded by friends and family.

Elderly adults residing in nursing homes are highly vulnerable and are a high risk for mistreatment.


Types of Nursing Home Mistreatment

The types of nursing home mistreatment can be divided up into the following categories, Click a link below to learn more about nursing home abuse:


Reporting Nursing Home Mistreatment is the Law

Texas law requires anyone who suspects nursing home mistreatment, exploitation or neglect of an elderly or person, or nursing home resident, to report the incident. It's important you learn how to identify nursing home abuse. If you suspect abuse of an elderly person who resides at a nursing home, contact the Department of Disability & Aging Services at 1-800-458-9858. Alternatively, you can report nursing home abuse concerns by submitting a claim with Adult Protective Services.

If you call to make a complaint about nursing home abuse, you should be prepared to provide the following:

  • the name and address of the nursing home
  • the name and room number of the nursing home resident
  • a brief statement of the complaint
  • your name, phone number and address

Anonymity is guaranteed to anyone who files a complaint or reports nursing home abuse and/or neglect. If a complaint alleges that a resident has died a wrongful death or is in imminent danger due to conditions in a nursing home, the Texas Department of Human Services must investigate the complaint within 24 hours. The nursing home facility will not be given advanced notice of the inspection and witnesses will be interviewed in private. It is against the law for nursing homes to retaliate against a resident, family member or employee who makes a complaint of elderly abuse.

Talk to an experienced nursing home attorney about your rights if you suspect nursing home abuse. If a loved one is injured or dies as a result of nursing home abuse or neglect, Texas law allows you or your family to file a lawsuit against the nursing home for claims resulting from negligence or wrongful death. Hire an experienced nursing home lawyer that understands and is sympathetic to victims of nursing home abuse and their family. Jeff Rasansky has a wealth of complex litigation experience. Jeff has successfully handled numerous nursing home abuse, negligence and wrongful death cases.


Do not procrastinate when reporting nursing home mistreatment

Memories fade, evidence such as medical and nursing home records can be altered, destroyed or lost. Bad situations rarely improve on their own. Act now (not a month or a year from now) to protect yourself, your loved ones and your rights when overcoming nursing home abuse. One of the best defenses against nursing home abuse are detailed notes. If you or a loved one has been injured while staying in a nursing home, keep a log or diary of problems noted. Keep a record of to whom and when the abuse was reported, the action that was taken, and any other relevant information. Also take note of your loved one's moods and behavior while staying at the nursing home.

Do not talk with anyone other than a nursing home lawyer about your concerns about the nursing home's care. You should not discuss your case with anyone. This includes insurance adjusters who may call you, nursing home administrators, nursing home directors and/or the nursing home attorneys. Be mindful of what you say to surveyors from the Texas Department of Human Services. The words you use will be the basis for a complaint and investigation against the nursing home.


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