Emotional Abuse in the Nursing Home

Emotional Abuse in the Nursing Home

While it doesn't show damage on the surface, suffering from emotional abuse in a nursing home can be equally painful. Emotional abuse is when someone intentionally causes mental or emotional pain to another person. Intimidation, belittling, coercion, harassment, treating an adult like a child, isolation from family, friends or regular activity, silent treatment, and yelling or threatening are all examples of emotional abuse.

Signs of Emotional Abuse or Mental Mistreatment:

  • If a nursing home resident seems distressed or emotionally upset or agitated it may be a case of emotional abuse.
  • Becoming terribly withdrawn or non responsive are signs of emotional abuse.
  • Unnatural behavior sometimes mistaken for dementia may be caused by emotional abuse.
  • As with any complaint from the elderly, reports of being threatened, mentally mistreated should be treated seriously as signs of emotional abuse.

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Seniors and geriatric patients are at a high risk for financial exploitation. Often times a vulnerable adult will be misled and lose their retirement funds, resources or income to an conniving person. Sometimes these people are strangers, but often times these people are relatives, friends or caregivers. Financial exploitation can slowly occur over a number of years or happen quickly with a scam or promise of services.

Signs of Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

  • Be suspicious of sudden money transfers or changes in financial statements such as large withdrawals made for or by a closely associated individual.
  • If a caregiver asks for their name to be added to the bank signature card, it could be a sign of exploitation.
  • Check the senior's account for unauthorized withdrawals from ATMs.
  • Be wary of abrupt changes in an elderly person's will or financial documents.
  • Watch for missing possessions as a sign of exploitation.
  • Bills not being paid when funds are readily available is a sign of exploitation.
  • Look for forged signatures on receipts and on titles of possessions.
  • Payment of services that are not performed is another form of exploitation.
  • A nursing home resident's report of being financially exploited should be examined closely.

Commitment to Nursing Home Residents, The Elderly, and their Families

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