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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

The Rasansky Law Firm, a nationally-renowned personal injury law firm located in Dallas, Texas, provides clients throughout Texas and the rest of the United States with the highest quality representation in claims involving nursing home abuse or nursing home negligence.

We understand that the decision to place a parent in a nursing care facility can be extremely difficult. You do your best to carefully select a nursing care facility that will provide your parent with the care they need.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen at even the most prestigious nursing home facilities. Facilities can be overcrowded, understaffed, and owners often fail to hire properly qualified and trained personnel. As a result, nursing home abuse and neglect happen more frequently than society would like to acknowledge.

If your parent suffers injury or death from nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect, we can help. We have extensive experience handling all types of nursing home negligence and abuse. We have the knowledge and experience to investigate known and suspected abuse or neglect. We staff a full-time medical professionals to assist with review of medical records and case preparation. In addition, we feature award-winning attorney Jeff Rasansky, an AV-rated lawyer who has received numerous awards and honors recognizing him as a nationwide leader in his field. Do you believe you or a loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse? Contact the Rasansky Law Firm online, or call (877) 659-1620 to discuss your private situation with our nursing home abuse lawyers. For additional information about our law firm and some of the many benefits of retaining us to assist you with your claim, visit our About Us page.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

While nursing home abuse and neglect occur with alarming frequency, relatively few cases get reported. In many instances, the victim's cries for help are ignored. In other cases, the victims either fail to complain or are unable to complain. The different types of nursing home abuse generally fall into three categories:

Prevent Elder Abuse & Abusive Situations in Nursing Homes

  • Watch for drastic changes in personality
  • Be cognizant of withdrawal or depression
  • Check hygiene and room conditions
  • Examine your loved one for signs of physical abuse or neglect, such as bruises, bedsores and changes in skin coloration
  • Check medications being dispensed to be sure they are correct
  • Listen to any complaints, and take any complaints seriously
  • Investigate any injuries requiring medical treatment
  • Investigate any rapid weight change that might indicate starvation or dehydration
  • Insure that any sedation is necessary and justified
  • Notice if your loved one fails to report illness or medical conditions to the family or a physician
  • Make sure you are satisfied with the explanation for a sudden or unexpected death

If your parent shows signs of nursing home abuse or neglect, or if your parent has been seriously injured in a nursing home by a staff member or other patient, you may have a claim. You should seek counsel from an experienced personal injury lawyer who has handled numerous nursing home injury claims.

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Your future and the future of your family are too important to trust to a less experienced law firm. We have a track record of success, as well as the necessary experience and background to handle your nursing home abuse claim, and we always provide the personal service you seek. Contact the Rasansky Law Firm online, or call our offices anytime at (877) 659-1620 to discuss your situation with our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys. In the complimentary consultation, our attorneys will review your experiences and situation and provide you information regarding your legal rights, options, and responsibilities.


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