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Abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere. Senior abuse can happen in their own home, in a family's home, a boarding home, or nursing home facility. This can be physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, mental or emotional abuse. abandonment or exploitation. Reporting elder abuse is critical to aiding those we love most.

Reporting elder abuse should be a priority.

Reporting Elder Abuse & Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Lawyer Jeffrey H. Rasanksy has represented nursing home residents and their families for years.

Amid increasing reports of senior abuse and neglect Jeff and his team of legal and medical professionals are working to keep the public informed about elderly rights and about new Texas laws designed to protect our elders. Jeff's legal representation is founded on providing caring consultation to clients, including nursing home residents and their families.

Rasansky takes an aggressive stance against disreputable nursing homes and other elder care facilities at fault and encourages reporting elder abuse, senior neglect, nursing home negligence, and wrongful death. Dallas, Texas-based nursing home lawyer Jeff Rasansky goes to work each morning with one mission in mind: to fight for the rights of senior abuse victims and providing resources for elder abuse help. For years, Jeff has successfully represented nursing home injury clients in Dallas, as well as throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky and across the United States.

As a nursing home injury law firm, our first objective is to win your case. We use aggressive trial tactics and strategies to maximize recoveries for our nursing home clients and their families. We rely on state-of-the-art tools and techniques, and will commit all the resources necessary to insure the most effective action on your behalf. We believe our senior abuse clients and their families should feel secure. Our significant financial strength allows us to aggressively attack any adversary. We commit that we will not be outspent by any nursing home.


Commitment to Senior Abuse Victims and Their Families

Nursing home lawyer Jeffrey H. Rasansky has one mission: to fight for the rights of victims of nursing home abuse, negligence, neglect and other injustices. As concerned individuals begin reporting elder abuse, Jeff and his team engage in the pursuit of justice for them.

Jeff has successfully won nursing home lawsuits and negotiated millions in settlements defending the rights of nursing home residents. Are you or a family member suffering from senior abuse, nursing home abuse?

Contact Rasansky Law Firm online, or call our offices anytime at 1-877-659-1620 to discuss your situation with our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys. In the complimentary consultation, our attorneys will review your experiences and situation and provide you information regarding your legal rights, options, and responsibilities. We demand strict professional standards.

Our Dallas-based attorneys are committed to providing help to those reporting elder abuse and have resolved many multi-million dollar personal injury cases. We are passionate about our role as advocates are ready to help you through the painful process of reporting elder abuse. We are committed to utilizing all available legal advantages and tactics to successfully resolve your personal injury claim.


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