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By definition, a personal injury is most-commonly described as any harm caused to a person (from cuts and bruises to wrongful death) as a result of an accident or negligence by an individual or institution.

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Texas Personal Injury Lawyers


Rasansky Law Firm represents personal injury victims in Texas who have been devastated by the misconduct of others. We have witnessed the tragedies that many families face under unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, and we understand that our clients need swift justice and aggressive representation.

Personal injuries can result from any situation, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, or workplace accidents.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to the mistake or negligence of another person or company, contact us via email or at 1-877-659-1620 to discuss your legal rights and options regarding your personal injury claim. The consultation is free, and we don't get paid unless we actually win your case.


Common Causes of Personal Injuries

Personal injury law encompasses many categories, and is constantly evolving. If your particular accident type is not listed below, please contact our personal injury lawyers at 1-877-659-1620 for a free case review.

  • Auto Accidents can result in serious personal injury to those involved in the collision.

  • Motorcycle Accidents often result in irreversible bodily injury to the victims. Let our personal injury lawyers assess your claim.

  • Truck Accidents involving 18 wheelers or semi-trucks, and can result in serious personal injury to those involved in the collision.

  • Dog Bites can leave victims permanently scarred. Owners of dogs who injure others may be held liable for any personal injury the victim sustained.

  • Medical Malpractice occurs when mistakes are made by health care professionals (such as doctors and nurses) which lead to an injury. This can include hospital malpractice, nursing malpractice, dental malpractice, cancer misdiagnosis, pharmacy errors, and even lasik eye surgery mistakes.

  • Nursing Home Abuse in which nursing home residents suffer physical, sexual or mental abuse, and/or neglect.

  • Slip and Fall accidents may not be your fault. If the property owner's negligence contributed to your slip and fall injury, you deserve compensation.

  • Defective Products can cause serious personal injury or even death. The personal injury lawyers at Rasansky Law Firm are the experts you need to fight these large corporations and pursue these claims.

  • Amusement Park injuries happen to nearly 5% of all amusement park visitors. Ask our personal injury lawyers for help.

  • Wrongful Death is a tragedy that occurs when a negligent action results in a death. The family of the deceased often has grounds for a wrongful death claim and/or survival claim.

  • Occupational Injuries such as construction accidents, industrial accidents, and other on-the-job accidents often result in personal injuries. Our Dallas attorneys can help you with such a case.

  • Maritime Injuries involve seeking compensation for seamen suffering work-related injuries or death caused by negligent acts of maritime employers or fellow workers.

  • Boating Accidents can result in paralysis, brain injury and even wrongful death. Let our personal injury attorneys review your claim for free.

  • Auto-Pedestrian Accidents occur when a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle. The driver may be held liable for any injuries the victim sustained.

  • Construction Accidents involving falls are the most common occupational injury.

  • Cerebral Palsy caused by a birth injury resulting from medical malpractice is something we take very seriously. If your child suffers from CP, we can help.

By hiring a Texas attorney to pursue your personal injury claim, you may be eligible to recover damages in the form of financial compensation for any medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, emotional distress, permanent disability, and more. If you would like more information about a personal injury claim or lawsuit, contact our Dallas personal injury lawyers at 1-877-659-1620. We'll begin to build your case immediately, and will fight for every penny you deserve.


The Statute of Limitations in Texas

The statute of limitations actually limits the time period in which a person can file a personal injury lawsuit. Every state mandates a different statute of limitations, and Texas is no different. Even if you're not nearing the statute, it is imperitive to start on your claim as soon as possible, as each day that passes makes your case more difficult to win. The statute of limitations can also vary within a state, depending on the type of claim or lawsuit you intend to file. For example, the statute of limitations on a birth injury claim is generally longer than a that of a car accident.

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Our Texas attorneys are among the finest personal injury lawyers in the state, and have resolved many multimillion dollar personal injury cases in our 20+ years practicing law. We are passionate about our role as advocates, and treat our clients with complete respect and compassion. We are committed to utilizing all available legal advantages and tactics to successfully resolve your personal injury claim.

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The Texas personal injury attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm represent clients throughout Texas, including Arlington, Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Garland, Houston, Kauffman, Lubbock, San Antonio and Tyler. Our personal injury lawyers handle a various types of personal injury claims, including automobile accidents, medical malpractice, birth injuries, nursing home abuse, product liability, defective products, premises liability, day care abuse, maritime injuries, workplace injuries, overtime pay, social security disability benefits and securities fraud.

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