Maritime Injuries

Texas Maritime Injury Attorney

Maritime law, commonly referred to as admiralty law, relates law to events that occur on water, which include seas, oceans, large lakes or rivers that can be used for commercial shipping and other commercial activities, such as cruises and boating.

Injuries that occur offshore, such as on a cruise ship, sailboat, yacht, steamer, commercial ship, and oil rigs, are governed by maritime and admiralty law. These forms of law are highly complex and require tremendous experience.

At Rasansky Law Firm, our ship injury lawyers are well-versed in this type of law as well as the compensation mechanisms for the injuries sustained while on a boat, on the water, or on a ship.


Maritime law covers injury and death in situations such as

  • Cruise ship accidents
  • Sinking of ships
  • Boating injury
  • Crimes such as rape or assault aboard a ship
  • Employee harassment cases on board cruise lines
  • Boating accident compensation


Who is Covered Under Maritime Law?

Seamen injured on seagoing vessels on navigable waters and offshore oil rigs that can be towed are covered under maritime law. Seamen broadly encompasses several types of individuals, including people employed on a vessel to assist in the voyage, employees on a vessel engaged in commerce or trade in navigable waters, and employees working on a vessel owned and operated by American companies. These types of individuals may include ship officers, harbor pilots, oil workers, technicians, helicopter pilots, tugboat workers, casino boat employees, barge workers, supply boat workers, semi-submersible oil drilling rig workers, jack-up oil drilling rig, harbor-workers, ship repairmen, shipbuilders, and ship-breakers.

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