Daycare Abuse & Childcare Negligence

Child abuse comes in many forms, none more disturbing than when the person or people you trust to keep your child safe are the ones committing the abuse. Abuse in daycare and other centers is a serious issue that must not go overlooked. It is your right to question daycare practices you feel are not in your child's best interest no matter how small the issue may appear.

Abuse in daycare and childcare negligence affect those we love most.

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Even though the majority of childcare in the United States is provided by trustworthy establishments, abuse in daycare still occurs. When choosing a facility for your child, follow these tips provided by the Consumer Protection Board:

  • Make sure that the daycare center is designed so that parents are free to come and go, with no requirements to call first and no areas off limits to parents.
  • Make sure that the bathrooms do not contain areas where children can be isolated. Find out who takes the children to the bathroom, for what purposes, and at what times. Two-thirds of all daycare sexual abuse and exploitation occurs during toileting.
  • Make sure that there is proper supervision of the children during naps. Children may be more at risk of sexual abuse and exploitation during nap time because other children are sleeping and staff may be out of the room.

  • Ask about the extent of education and training of all daycare personnel interacting with your children, and determine if they were screened for criminal history, emotional instability, or substance abuse. Be aware that volunteers or teacher's aides are not likely to have been carefully screened. Abuse in daycare can result from a failure in the hiring process.

  • Find out who will be interacting with your children in addition to the daycare provider and staff. Much of the sexual and physical abuse and exploitation associated with childcare centers occurs at the hands of individuals not directly involved in teaching or child-care responsibilities: bus drivers, janitors, and relatives of the daycare center providers. In 36% of cases examined by a nationwide study of daycare abuse, children were sexually molested by family members related to the staff -- mainly husbands or sons. Make sure that your child's contact with such persons is limited, and question your child closely about them.

  • Discuss in depth with the daycare provider how the discipline of children is handled -- who administers it, under what circumstances it is used, and what form it takes. Make sure to talk to your children each day about what happens at the daycare center, paying close attention to what punishments were used under what circumstances and any other incidents that made the child uncomfortable.

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