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Countless high-risk workers in Fort Worth and across Texas are injured in on-the-job accidents every day due to the dangerous, life-threatening work conditions surrounding them on a daily basis. These accidents are often caused by unsafe work conditions, the lack of safety equipment, lack of training, improper supervision, or other forms of negligence.

The resulting injuries these workers suffer can oftentimes be very serious, resulting in short or long-term disability, permanent work loss, and sometimes even wrongful death.


Workers' Compensation

Filing a workers' compensation claim might be an injured employee's only option for recovery, but contrairy to popular belief, this is not always the case. Texas (unlike nearly every other state) does not require employers to purchase workers' comp insurance coverage. Additionally, your legal options are dependent on your worker status (employee vs contractor). While this causes a lot of misinformation surrounding a worker's ability to sue following an accident, our Texas work injury lawyers have extensive experience in these type of cases. We're happy to discuss your particular situation over the phone or by email, free of charge, when you call 1-877-651-1620.

Many injuries suffered by these workers will require long recoveries and often result in large medical bills and extended absences from work. You should not be forced to suffer financially for an accident caused by your employer's negligence, and that's where our personal injury lawyers can help. Trust in Rasansky Law Firm to handle 100% of your claim while you simply focus on recovering from your injuries.

Additionally, if you were injured on the job site due to a defective piece of equipment or machinery, you may have what's called a "product liability" claim against the manufacturer responsible. These type of claims are very different from other types of worker injury claims, but we can explain all of this in detail during your free consultation.


Work Injury Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas

It's important that you explore your legal options following any serious workplace injury. You have rights, and our job as your attorney is to make sure you're treated fairly and that you're fully-compensated for your losses.

Texas law limits the time you have to file a lawsuit, so don't delay contacting a Fort Worth work accident attorney who may be able to help you recover 100% of your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages related to your injury. The best part is that you'll never risk a penny of your own money as we work on contingency. If we don't win, we don't get paid—it's that simple.

Our Fort Worth work accident attorneys are among the finest in the state, and have resolved many multi-million dollar personal injury cases over the past 20 years. We are passionate about our role as advocates, and treat our clients with complete respect and compassion. We are committed to utilizing all available legal advantages and tactics to successfully resolve your personal injury claim.

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