Daycare Abuse and Lawsuits

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Filing a lawsuit may be one of your options if your child has been the victim of daycare abuse. Abuse in daycare can take many forms. An attorney experienced with these cases will be able to help you to make good determinations about how to proceed and if you have a lawsuit that may win.

Filing a lawsuit is never a small undertaking. First and foremost, you’ll have to have a claim that has a good chance of winning. If you work with a lawyer on contingency, you can be sure that they believe that your case has a good chance. Contingency agreements require that the attorney wins your case if they’re to get paid. If they don’t win, they don’t get any legal fees from you at all. This ensures that an attorney cannot pursue your case just to collect legal fees, even if they know it’s likely to lose.

You’ll also need to consult with your attorney about any limitations that may apply regarding filing your suit. There are states that have specific time limits on how long after the fact you can sue for daycare abuse or daycare negligence. If you’re debating whether or not to file a lawsuit, contact an attorney to see how much time you actually have to think the matter over. It may turn out that you need to make a decision faster than you thought.

Watching Out for Daycare Negligence

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Most often, when parents think of a bad daycare facility, they equate it with a facility where deliberate abuse is being perpetrated against the children. This is not always the way abusive daycare facilities work, however. In some cases, daycare negligence is at issue. Negligence may be on the part of the employees, the company that runs the facility or other individuals who have access to the children at the facility. When a parent brings their child to a daycare, they expect that the staff that takes care of their child will be well-trained and very professional. When this is not the case, and when someone gets hurt, negligence may be found to be the cause.

Negligence doesn’t necessarily mean that someone was incompetent or that they didn’t try their best. Daycare negligence, for example, may include cases where a daycare employee tried very hard and had all he right training, but where their failure caused someone to get hurt. In some cases, the negligence is more obvious. Daycare neglect, for instance, may involve letting children play in dangerous ways or not providing children with access to needed medications or not keeping conditions at the daycare sanitary.

Discovering Abuse in Daycare

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Sometimes, finding out if abuse has been going on at a daycare facility is very difficult. For obvious reasons, any rational person will wonder whether or not they’re just imagining a worst case scenario fantasy and completely overreacting. Don’t discount your instincts as a parent. They’re there for a reason, and you shouldn’t take risks if something seems awry at the daycare facility you use. Some types of abuse, however, become obvious once they’re seen and this is almost more difficult to deal with at times.

Bruising of any sort should always be examined. Of course, children bruise themselves all the time. In fact, a bit of vigorous exercise is good for children and, oftentimes, that’s when they’re having the most fun. A lot of children enjoy telling you war stories about how they got this bruise or that scrape. When they don’t want to talk about it, however, it usually means that something’s wrong. Children are usually very honest—sometimes to a fault—and when they close off emotionally to their parents, there may be something going on during the day that needs to be addressed. Be especially wary of bruises in areas where adults tend to grab children, such as the wrists and elbows.

What Type of Shots Do Daycare Workers Need?

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Working at a daycare center presents challenges for the workers. Besides taking care of the well-being of children, they must endure any sickness the child may have. In recent news, there have been reports of swine flu, H1N1, and other illnesses that are being spread over masses of people. This has caused concern for people who are in contact with many individuals. For daycare workers, the importance of having shots to protect their health remains paramount in the avoidance of daycare abuse or neglect.


What are the Shots for Daycare Workers

Airborne National Guard Humvee, Car and Semi-truck crash, 3 Killed

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Three people were killed in a six-vehicle crash caused by an airborne Nation Guard Humvee, which launched over a concrete median and into oncoming traffic. The fatal collision happened on Wednesday, on Interstate 35 in Troy, as reported by the Waco Tribune. The Texas Department of Public Safety reported the Humvee was traveling southbound in rainy conditions on I-35 when the military vehicle drifted off the side of the road, and then re-crossed the southbound lanes and went airborne. The military vehicle launched over the concrete median and hit a northbound black Toyota Corolla, and the cab of a tractor-trailer. The Humvee reportedly landed in the middle of the highway upside down. The tractor-trailer then jackknifed and hit an unoccupied pickup and the SUV it was towing, which were parked on the shoulder of the highway. A garbage compactor truck then hit the semi-truck. The driver of the Humvee, Altha Gibson, 21, of DeSoto was killed in the wreck. The driver of the 18-wheeler, Donald Johnson, 44, of Burleson; and the driver of the car, Douglas Aschcroft, 41, of Austin were also killed in the wreck. The driver of the trash compactor truck was reportedly uninjured in the wreck. Police officials state it is currently unknown how the Humvee went airborne. Police officials are reportedly conducting a full investigation into the fatal six-vehicle crash.

Houston Daycare Shut Down for Child Endangerment

Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 2nd, 2009

Our sister site,, broke this story earlier, but it bears repeating - again and again and again:

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that child welfare officials, in an investigation of the home-based daycare due west of Houston, Texas, found several children locked in an outdoor storage shed, amidst gasoline, insecticides, lawnmowers and other outdoor equipment. The investigation was initiated after a concerned citizen reported too many children at the facility on Wednesday afternoon.

Daycare Abuse - Who is Financially Responsible?

Submitted by Anonymous on May 28th, 2009

Today, a Wisconsin court of appeals ruled that the insurance provider for a daycare facility can be held responsible following the death of a child in daycare.

Two year-old Asia Jones was forgotten in a daycare van back in June 2005. Tragically, Asia died in the hot van. Since this date, the estate of Asia Jones has been trying to recover for the loss of their daughter - and without much luck.

Rasansky Law Firm Announces Lawsuit Against Knowledge Learning Corp. in Thumb-Tack Abuse Case

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Children spanked in closets, stuck with tacks as punishment, lawsuit says

DALLAS - Attorneys from Dallas' Rasansky Law Firm are announcing a lawsuit filed today against a popular North Texas day care center and company officials based on information that a teacher used thumb tacks to punish a 3-year-old child.

The lawsuit filed today in Dallas state district court names as defendants Children’s World Learning Center in Addison, which now operates as KinderCare Learning Center; Barbara Lockhart, director of the Addison operation; Kim Schaffer, regional manager for Children’s World; and Portland, Ore.-based Knowledge Learning Corp., the parent company for Children’s World.

"This is one of the most egregious cases of employee misconduct and day care center abuse that I've ever seen," says attorney Jeff Rasansky, who represents Brandon Medlock Sr. and Katrina Perkins in their claims on behalf of their 3-year-old son Brandon Jr.

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Medlock and Ms. Perkins learned in March that a woman who taught their son’s class at Children’s World had been punishing children by sticking them in their backs and shoulders with thumb tacks and other sharp instruments. The punishment was called ’stick-stick,' and the couple’s son pointed to his teacher and thumb tacks on a bulletin board when asked to explain the term.

Police charge day-care owner with homicide by child abuse of 10 month old

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A South Carolina day-care owner is charged with homicide by child abuse in the death of a 10-month-old boy.

Willie Edward Ritter, 63, owner of the W.E. Ritter Center for Early Childhood Development, unintentionally left Javon Simpson in a day-care van for about seven hours, authorities said.

Javon died of hyperthermia, commonly known as heat stroke, according to the local coroner.

Parents Sue Daycare Over 'Thumbtack' Punishment

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 9th, 2009

ADDISON, TX - Some angry North Texas parents filed a lawsuit today against a popular daycare chain. The couple's son says his teacher repeatedly stuck children with thumbtacks as punishment.

According to the lawsuit, the parents of one child claim a woman who taught their son’s class had punished children by sticking them in their backs and shoulders with thumbtacks and other sharp instruments.

The Addison daycare is currently known as KinderCare Learning Center, but when the incident in question occurred, it was called Childrens World Learning Center. Both of the companies are owned by the Knowledge Learning Corporation of Portland, Oregon.

This is not the only problem facing the learning center. CBS 11 News obtained reports that verify the center has committed more than 30 state violations in less than two years.

In a press release, attorney Jeff Rasansky, who represents parents Brandon Medlock Sr. and Katrina Perkins in their claims on behalf of their son Brandon Jr., said, "this is one of the most egregious cases of employee misconduct and day care center abuse that I've ever seen."

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