Daycare Sued for Abuse Cannot Hide Behind Bankruptcy Protection

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Bankruptcy Doesn't Protect Against Daycare Abuse Lawsuit

Daycare involved in abuse lawsuit tries to hide behind bankruptcy protection. Judge denies protection.

Owners of a daycare center in Delaware who rushed to file for bankruptcy protection before an ongoing daycare abuse lawsuit has run its course have been informed by the a bankruptcy judge that they would not be able to avoid paying for the damages arising from the lawsuit.

The owners, Ms. Teresa Perez and Colleen Grozzo were informed by US Bankruptcy judge Brendan Shannon that allowing them to escape the consequences of their actions would set a dangerous precedent that would be followed by future defendants who would see this as a way of absolving themselves from paying damages in civil lawsuit cases.

Children Forced to Fight

The Delaware daycare civil lawsuit in question was brought forward by the parents of two toddlers who were forced to fight as attendants videoed the event. The workers were subsequently charged with secondary-degree conspiracy charges and felonious second-degree assault charges, resulting in probation for the two.

Indiana Daycare Employee Charged With Sexual Abuse

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A child care employee at an Indiana daycare facility is facing charges after sexually abusing a child under his care. Ali Al-Awadi was arrested in August after he allegedly fondled a four-year-old child at The Children’s Choice Learning Center in Indiana.

Children's Choice Daycare in IndianaWhile he initially denied the allegations, the injuries inflicted on the victim’s body confirmed the accusations. The daycare is now faced with several violations, with one of these being not notifying the victim’s parents when they found out about the abuse.

The state’s Family and Social Service Administration notified the daycare via letter of their intention to close down the facility by withdrawing its license. However, the daycare has 28 days to appeal this decision.

A History Of Violating Rules

The Children’s Choice Learning Center has in the past allegedly flouted several laws such as not checking the criminal records of two of their employees as well as retaining one of the caregivers who was disqualified from working in the facility a few years back.

The firm that oversees the daycare issued a statement stating that they were working on a corrective plan to ensure that the center is full compliance to restore their license.

Daycare Facilities are Too Relaxed on the Rules

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The Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is soon expected to release a report on the lax child care requirements of many U.S. states.

Daycare Attorney in TexasAs a parent coincerned about daycare abuse and neglect, you may think that your daycare center has passed inspection and that the workers have passed background checks — but you may be dead wrong. A new report expected to be released by the HHS Inspector General shows glaring issues with child care facilities in many states, including Texas.

Daycare Worker Caught Abusing Child on Video

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Fox2Now reports that a day care worker in Missouri was captured on video by a man in a nearby park. According to the report, the incident started when the man saw a day care worker strike a child on the back of the head after the child started running toward the road.

The cameraman started recording and captured the daycare worker picking the child up and kneeing the child back onto the ground. The child in question was two years old. The cameraman did not capture the initial blow to the back of the head allegedly delivered to the child by the daycare worker, but he did capture the child being picked up and kneed and lying on the ground for at least five minutes.

Getting Advice About Daycare Abuse

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Some cases of daycare abuse aren't reported directly by the parents of the children who are being abused. The parents, however, most often do play a crucial role in reporting that abuse. If you suspect abuse, here are some things you can do to answer questions that you may have.


If you see bruising on your child and you're not sure exactly what caused it, you should set up a visit with the doctor. Because it is a child being discussed, a trip to the emergency room is entirely appropriate. The reason that a trip to an emergency room is a good idea is that it easier for doctors to determine the cause of an injury if that injury is relatively fresh. For example, a woman in Louisville Kentucky is facing charges of abusing a child because the parents brought the child into an emergency room and physicians determine that the bruising on the child was caused by a hand. The parents didn't see it, but the emergency room staff recognized right away that it was a handprint they were looking at when they were examining the child's bruising.

Child Left in Daycare Van for Second Time

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A three-year-old child was found to have been left alone in a van in Tampa, Florida by a daycare for the second time. According to reporting, the child was left alone for approximately 4 hours. Bay News 9 reported that the child was picked up by the director of the daycare at approximately 8 AM and left in the facility's van.

This marked the second time that this same child had been left alone in a vehicle belonging to the daycare. The child was discovered by a child care licensing inspector who was visiting the daycare unannounced, according to the report. They contacted the mother, told her to come get her child and, according to the reporting, the mother now feels that something has to be done.

While it may seem odd that the mother brought her child back to the same daycare where this had happened before, she points out in the report that the bus driver who had left her child unattended in a vehicle in the first incident had been fired.

Daycare Owner Faces Life Over Death of Child

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A daycare owner could face life imprisonment over the felony murder of a child that occurred at her home daycare facility. As reported by Enid News, prosecutors in the trial say that a fire broke out in February of 2011 at her home daycare when the woman went to the store. She had left a pan of oil on the stove and the stove was turned on, eventually causing a fire. The children involved were from 16 months old to three years old. She pled guilty to a charge of felony murder in the death of one of the children.

Unknown Background

50 Year Sentence in Daycare Abuse Case

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A Spartanburg, South Carolina woman has been sentenced to 15 years in prison over six counts of committing or attempting to commit lewd acts on children under the age of 16. The woman worked at a daycare center in 2010 and, according to reporting in several sources, she abused the children in the bathroom. Some of the facets of this case should be telling to anybody who has reason to suspect that daycare abuse is going on.

Out of the Way Places

Many abusers will make an effort to isolate children so that they can abuse them. This simply provides the abuser with opportunity. Once the abuser has the child isolated from other children and from any supervision by the staff, they're free to conduct their abuse. One of the things you want to look for in a good daycare facility is an environment where it is very difficult to isolate children from one another or from the rest of the staff.

Sadly, a great deal of daycare abuse is sexual in nature. Abusers will sometimes shame and sometimes intimidate children into not saying anything about the abuse. When they are able to isolate children to keep them intimidated, it's even easier for an abuser to keep on with what they are doing.

What Differentiates a Daycare Abuse Law Firm?

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A Daycare abuse law firm will have attorneys who have a great deal of experience filing lawsuits against daycare facilities that prove to be negligent. Like medical malpractice, vehicle accidents or any other area of the law, there are some attorneys who specialize in these particular cases and who have a particularly good track record arguing on behalf of their clients.

One of the things that differentiates a daycare abuse law firm from another type of law firm is that the attorneys will have a great deal of experience dealing with victims of abuse. This requires patience, compassion and the ability to recognize scenarios where negligence was a factor and where the daycare facility may be vulnerable to being sued as a result of that. When you have a good daycare abuse lawyer arguing your case, the chances that jury will find it persuasive are much better than if you were relying on a lawyer who had no real experience in this area of the law.

A daycare abuse lawyer will try to establish that daycare negligence played a part in your child being harmed. The harm may have come from abuse, and may have come from neglect and it may have simply been the result of incompetence on the part of the daycare staff. No matter what the cost, negligence that causes people to come to harm is cause to sue those individuals as a means of recovering damages.

Is Your Daycare Safe? Three Signs that it's Not

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Sometimes, the first sign that daycare child abuse is going on is a nagging feeling in the gut of the child's parent. Whether the abuse is physical, psychological or simply negligence, parents oftentimes know that something is wrong. If you have that feeling and you're not sure whether or not it's time to act on it, take a look at the following signs of the daycare facility that may be guilty of daycare negligence.

Easy Access

As a parent, you should always have immediate and easy access to your child. However, you should always have to interact with an employee of the day care facility before your given access. In short, it should be relatively impossible for someone to walk in off the street and to have access to the children. There should be a front desk where people check in and where IDs are checked if someone is unknown.

Too Many Children

If the daycare facility seems crowded, they may be taking in too many children. This is a very bad thing. Some children need a lot of specialized care and, when the staff is too overwhelmed to provide it, it may have significant effects on the child's health and well-being. Make sure that the daycare workers don't have too much on their plate. If they seem stressed, it may set up a very bad situation for the children.


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