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Schenectady Firemen-Police Put on a Show for Cerebral Palsy Back in 1953

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 9th, 2013

The Schenectady, New York police and firemen had a grand old time knocking baseballs out of the park and rounding the bases. It was 1953 and the firefighters had put together a game to raise money for cerebral palsy. Both the fire and police teams were competing at the Schenectady Stadium, while 2,500 people watched the drama and comedy unfold.

Cerebral Palsy and Lawsuits

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A cerebral palsy lawyer represents those whose children were harmed by medical negligence. This is not the only reason that a child sometimes ends up with the brain injury that causes cerebral palsy. There are natural causes that can lead to the same condition, but there are definitely cases where this injury could have been avoided if doctors and nurses had done their jobs better. When this is the case, a lawyer can sometimes help the victims get compensation for their pain and suffering, as well as for their medical expenses.

Cerebral palsy causes problems with learning, walking and many other basic parts of life. In some cases, the individual affected has brain damage severe enough that they need constant care and supervision from a professional. In other cases, individuals with CP are able to get around by themselves well, but there is almost always a host of problems with fine motor control. Picking up objects such as pens and pencils and opening doors, for example, may be very difficult. One of the characteristics of CP is that individuals affected with it will tend to shake a lot when they attempt to perform tasks that require fine motor control.

Empowering Kids with Cerebral Palsy

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Children who suffer from cerebral palsy will encounter many significant hurdles throughout their lives. Challenges for kids with CP generally involve difficulty performing basic functions such as speaking, moving and eating. This is mainly because of the substantial damage that is often caused to the tendons, nerves, muscles and bones. Kids with cerebral palsy are also more prone to mental retardation. However, all but the most severely affected children have the potential to enjoy a rather satisfying life despite their condition. 

Living with CP: Real Life Stories of Inspiration

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Born in Puyallup, Washington, Ryan Buckley was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder and multiple developmental deficiencies at birth. As you can imagine, these conditions make every single day very difficult for him to manage. However, that has not stopped young Ryan from exploring life and all it has to offer. His determination and passion for life have been a true inspiration to all those around him. Today, Ryan loves music and baseball among many other joys that make living with CP much easier. 

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