Fracking and Birth Defects

Submitted by jrlaw on May 8th, 2014

A new study sheds light on the connection between fracking and birth defects. If you live in an area populated with fracking wells and have a child who was born with a birth defect, we may be able to help you recover compensation.

Hydraulic fracking is a means of extracting gas from the earth’s subterranean levels by injecting a cocktail of water, sand and chemicals into the ground. As the demand for cheaper gas grows, fracking wells are springing up in every part of the country; Texas is no exception.

Schenectady Firemen-Police Put on a Show for Cerebral Palsy Back in 1953

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The Schenectady, New York police and firemen had a grand old time knocking baseballs out of the park and rounding the bases. It was 1953 and the firefighters had put together a game to raise money for cerebral palsy. Both the fire and police teams were competing at the Schenectady Stadium, while 2,500 people watched the drama and comedy unfold.

Children Left in Hot Cars

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When it comes to our kids, we often focus on safety measures like using car seats correctly and basic childproofing, but there are many other hidden dangers that may put your kids at risk.

How Birth Injury Attorneys Help Clients

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Birth injury attorneys help clients by filing a specific type of medical malpractice claim. If you take a look at many of the birth injury claims in the news, you'll see that a lot of them have to do with cerebral palsy. This is simply because cerebral palsy is a relatively common type of condition that results from birth injuries, hence many lawsuits are filed over a child being afflicted with this particular condition. When birth injury attorneys step in, they will typically start to take a series of actions to benefit their clients.

Expert Evidence

Because birth injury attorneys handle medical malpractice claims, they will have access to experts who can help to shore up their client's cases. The experts will take a look at the specifics of the claim, the child's condition, the conditions in the hospital, delivery room or the type of medical care the mother received before the injury was sustained and determine whether or not they believe that medical negligence likely played a role in the child's injuries.

How Hypoxia Occurs

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If you’re considering filing a birth injury lawsuit, you’ve probably heard the term hypoxia. Hypoxia is one of the most common causes of injuries that occur during the process of being born. Unfortunately, it’s also easily avoidable, in some situations, but ends up causing a child to suffer, nonetheless.

What It Is

Hypoxia simply means a lack of oxygen. It commonly occurs when a child is strangulated in some way while they’re being born. Sometimes, the umbilical cord will become wrapped around the child’s throat and sometimes the child will suffer because some sort of force was used to remove them from the birth canal. This isn’t the same as choking, which occurs when something obstructs your airflow from the inside of your body; choking on food, for instance.

C-Section Delay Leads to Lawsuit

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A Texas family is suing over a delayed C-section that they hold led to their child suffering injuries. According to Injury Lawyer News, the family is suing because the mother was not informed that delaying the C-section would possibly lead to a greater chance of injuries being visited on the infant. The case names several different defendants.

The delayed C-section, according to the lawsuit, resulted in the child suffering brain injuries. These types of injuries never heal, of course, and that has big implications for the person who suffers them. The lawsuit is being filed on behalf of the child.

Genetics and Negligence Can Both Cause Birth Injuries

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Birth injuries can occur for a wide variety of reasons. In some cases, birth injuries happen because of a genetic predisposition, because of an illness or because of something that occurs inside the womb that could not have been predicted. There are cases where medical negligence ends up being the cause of a birth injury, as well, and these sometimes could have been prevented.


Cerebral palsy is one of the most common conditions that results from birth injuries to the brain. Birth injuries to the brain can sometimes manifest because of a genetic predisposition. For instance, the brain may simply not form correctly, causing scenarios such as the brain cells failing to migrate to the correct position in the brain or scenarios when brain cells do not form at all. Should this occur in certain areas of the brain, it can cause the symptoms of cerebral palsy.

CP Comes with Other Issues

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Children who suffer with cerebral palsy oftentimes suffer with other difficulties, as well. The reason for this is that cerebral palsy is the result of brain injuries during birth. Oftentimes, these brain injuries cause difficulty beyond what cerebral palsy itself causes.

The brain injury that causes cerebral palsy affects the area of the brain that allows you to control your muscles and that provides motor function. Oftentimes, a child who suffers a cerebral palsy inducing brain injury also suffers injuries to the brain that affect other abilities. For example, approximately half of the people with cerebral palsy injuries also have some cognitive impairment. This doesn't mean that they are severely impaired, necessarily. In fact, some people with cerebral palsy end up to go on and get advanced degrees, but they may have to work much harder than other people to achieve such goals.

Everyday Issues

Among the issues that people with cerebral palsy often deal with our problems speaking, problems hearing and problems swallowing. These oftentimes accompany CP disorders. In some cases, a person may have such severe swallowing disorders that they have to be fed through a tube for their entire life. In other cases, there are difficulties that are harder to assess.

Cerebral Palsy and Negligence

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Birth injuries that cause cerebral palsy are always investigated. Immediately following the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, scans, blood tests, lab tests and physical examinations will be conducted to determine how the child came to sustain the brain injury. It may turn out that negligence was a primary cause of the brain injury or it may turn out that the brain injury was the result of an unavoidable circumstance of the birth, pregnancy or conditions directly after birth. No matter what happens, parents in this situation are understandably distressed. Finding information is important.

ABM Practitioner Relates Success with CP Patient

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A recent article in the Huffington Post related an Anat Baniel—a form of massage—practitioner's success dealing with a patient with very severe cerebral palsy symptoms. There are some success stories that involve using massage as a way to treat this disorder and it makes sense. Cerebral palsy oftentimes involves very painful and debilitating spasms and, of course, massage can address those directly.

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