3 Ways to Avoid Getting in a Rear End Collision

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 6th, 2012

Getting rear ended is one of the leading accidents that sends people out looking for a Dallas car accident attorney. There are several different reasons why this is the case, but one of the primary reasons is the fact that many of these accidents are caused by outright negligence. People generally end up getting rear-ended by another driver when that other driver wasn't paying attention or when they were following too closely. Here are some ways that you can lessen the chances that you'll be involved in one of these potentially devastating accidents.

Watch Out When the Roads Are Windy

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 6th, 2012

Texas and the American West in general are pretty famous for having a lot of wide-open spaces. Those wide-open spaces are beautiful but, when the wind starts blowing hard, it can sometimes get forceful enough to take you right off the road. Windy conditions can test your limitations as a driver and your ability to stay calm in a dangerous situation. Here are some tips for dealing with wind.

Know Your Limit

It's usually hardest for younger people to accept the fact that they do have limitations. Older drivers are usually experienced enough to know that there are limitations on what they can handle behind the wheel. If the wind is getting bad enough that it's pushing you across lanes and causing clouds of dust and debris that could potentially blind you, it might be a good idea to slow down or stop for a while. If you can find a rest stop or a place that's sheltered, take it. If you're on a motorcycle, you'll know right away when it's time to pull over.

Your Mirrors and Visibility

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You might be surprised to know that a lot of people actually don't understand how to properly adjust the mirrors on their car. Most of the time, they them pulled so far in that they have large blind spots at the side and rear of the vehicle. Between adjusting mirrors correctly and having blind spot mirrors added to them, you can vastly increase your visibility behind you.

How to Adjust Your Mirrors

To adjust your mirrors, start with your driver's side. Lean your head over to the left so that you have your head partially out the window. Adjust your mirror outward until the side of your car disappears. Stop pushing the mirror outward when your car disappears from the mirror. Adjust the up-and-down axis until it's comfortable for you. This allows you to see quite a bit of what would normally be a blind spot to the left of your car.

Was the Driver that Caused Your Accident Negligent?

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When people sue drivers for having caused an accident, the crux of the lawsuit is usually negligence. If you understand the basics of negligence, you have an idea of whether or not a driver who caused you to get into an accident was guilty of this. Negligence is not hard to understand, though it does take a good attorney to successfully argue a lawsuit in court. Here are some basics about negligence.

Normal Expectations

When you're out on the road, nobody expects you to drive like a professional racecar driver, a police officer or another individual who has advanced training in driving. They do have a right, however, to expect you to drive in a way that a reasonable, intelligent person would drive. This means following the rules of the road and exercising sensible judgment when dealing with other drivers.

Helping Other Drivers in Wrecks

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Whether or not you choose to intervene in a car wreck that you come upon is up to you. Making that decision depends upon whether you have the training to deal with the situation and how much risk you're willing to take. There are certain things that you can do, however, to help other drivers that have been in a wreck that don't require you to have any specialized training and that only require you to exercise courtesy.

1: Be a Witness

If you come upon a car wreck and the drivers involved are having an argument or, especially if they seem to be on the edge of getting violent, stop a safe distance away and keep an eye on the scene. If you happen to see somebody flee the scene of an accident, you may want to consider how you would feel if somebody helped you out by giving you that person's license plate number so that they didn't end up having to foot the entire bill for their accident.

2: Slow Down, Don’t Rubberneck

If the people involved in the wreck have pulled over to the side of the freeway or roadway, slow down and give them plenty of room. Don't rubberneck the accident. This can actually create more accidents, as you're not paying attention to what's going on around you and you're not looking ahead of you where your eyes need to be when you're driving.

Three Things to Look for in a Car Wreck Attorney

Submitted by jrlaw on Dec 27th, 2011

If you're involved in a car wreck that was caused by another driver's negligence, hiring an attorney is one of the options you have available to you. An attorney may be able to help you get a lawsuit together that could end up winning you compensation from a jury. Before you go out and hire an attorney, consider whether or not they meet the three following criteria, which should let you know whether or not they are a good choice.

Truck Wrecks and Negligent Drivers

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There are plenty of ways that truck wrecks can occur. Some of the most deadly wrecks, however, are caused by negligent drivers that don’t live up to the requirements of a professional trucker. In some cases, the companies that these truckers work for are negligent and fail to provide the right equipment or to maintain their equipment properly. Either situation can cause deadly accidents. If you're involved in a wreck involving a commercial vehicle and want to explore your options, you need to contact a lawyer.

The Accidents

The most distressing aspect of accidents involving trucks is the fact that they can result in deadly and devastating injuries for the people involved in them. Anyone in a car or pickup doesn't really stand much of a chance against a truck. Any angle of impact and any speed are going to be potentially lethal to the driver of the smaller vehicle.


There are very specific requirements for any commercial driving firm. If they fail to maintain their vehicles as required, they may be found negligent. If they don't provide good working conditions for their drivers, they may also be liable for being held negligent. Drivers are required to have a certain amount of rest when they go on long road trips. If the drivers aren't being afforded this time to recharge, the company that they work for may be held liable if an injury results.

What is Driver Negligence?

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Whenever you get behind the wheel, you are accepting a certain level of responsibility for the other drivers with whom you share the road. This is the foundation of the law that allows people to sue when other drivers are negligent. When those negligent drivers cause bodily harm, property damage and pain and suffering to other drivers, they sometimes find themselves facing down a lawsuit. Understanding negligence will help you to understand whether or not you have been the victim of it.

All Jammed Up : Driving in Heavy Traffic

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Any experienced Dallas auto accident lawyer would be able to tell you plenty of stories about people who have been injured by negligent drivers during rush hour. Even though there is no excuse for negligent driving, a car wreck attorney might also tell you that it is in your best interest to keep an eye out for these drivers, whether they are trampling on your rights or not

Getting Insurance After The Fact

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Once you've been in a car wreck, the insurance companies are going to go out of their way to make getting insurance more expensive for you. There will also be a lot of them that will start offering you discounted insurance policies. You have to be careful with your insurance coverage after you've been in an accident. You may find that you end up giving up vital forms of coverage just to save a buck or two.
Compare Rates
Make sure you call around and ask about new rates if your present carrier jacks yours up after a wreck. When you're doing so, be sure that you contact good insurance providers, not discount ones, first.
It's not a bad idea to call in and talk to a human being rather than using one of the online rate quote pages. Oftentimes, the salespeople you talk to online can offer you special deals that you might not find on the online version, which makes it worth it to talk to them instead of just using the Internet site.
Coverage Types
Your coverage has to be good to make your insurance worth it. Be sure that you're not giving up the kinds of coverage you need to keep your property safe and to make sure you have enough money to pay for medical expenses and other potential problems that result from accidents.
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