Texans Injured in Semi Crash

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Two Texans were injured in a head-on collision involving a semi in Ohio on the week of October 15, 2012. According to reporting in, the crash occurred in the late morning hours on US Route 33. The truck driver was attempting to exit when he lost control of his vehicle and crossed into the oncoming lane. He struck a vehicle had on.

The drivers in the other vehicle were from Texas and were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Semi Accidents

Some of the most traumatic car accidents involve semis. Simply because of the weight of these vehicles, they can crush a passenger car and the damage they do is oftentimes far in excess of what any passenger vehicle could do to another passenger vehicle. These accidents can also be very complex as far as filing for damages is concerned.

Companies and Representation

One of the most difficult aspects about filing a lawsuit against a trucking company is that the trucking company will generally have legal representation readily available to them. Not only that, they generally have enough money to hire very good legal representation, on top of it. If you plan on suing a trucking company, you want to make certain that you have a good lawyer in your corner, as you can be certain that they are going to have a good lawyer in their corner.

Aspiring Rapper Killed While Driving and Texting, Drunk

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A 21-year-old aspiring rapper was killed over Labor Day in Ontario, according to reports in Time magazine. As the article points out, the death marks the second time that a story about somebody texting while driving has ended up with someone nearly or actually getting killed. In both cases, there is a bit of very sad irony involved. The first driver, from Texas, had texted that he was putting himself in danger by texting and driving before he drove off of a cliff. In this case, the texts were much more explicit about what was going on.

Car Accident Rates Go Up in Summer

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Car accident rates and the number of people seeking treatment for them go up every summer, according to a press release put out by a Richardson, Texas chiropractor. The press release notes that more people come to chiropractors seeking treatment for the types of injuries that they suffer in car accidents during the warmest months of the year.

Car Wreck Injuries

There are some types of injuries that are very characteristic of car accidents. In the press release, the chiropractor notes that collisions oftentimes end up causing whiplash injuries, which can be extremely painful and even debilitating under certain circumstances. Whiplash can occur in low-speed accidents. In fact, striking a fixed object with your car at speeds as low as five miles per hour can end up causing these types of injuries. When these injuries occur, your head gets whipped forward and back, causing problems with the soft tissue and sometimes the spine.

Progress Not Being Made in Motorcycle Deaths

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The Governors Highway Safety Association and the National Highway Traffic Safety administration are both concerned about the amount of motorcycle deaths that occur every year. While statistics do show improvement in overall motor vehicle deaths, motorcycle deaths are still a huge problem for motorists.

The Study

A study conducted by Dr. James Hedlund that was detailed in a press release by the Governors Highway Safety Association details the problem. In some states, motorcycle fatalities actually did decrease. Those decreases were chalked up to better education given to motorists about watching for motorcycles, better engineering and better enforcement. Motorcyclists are being encouraged to exercise more caution, as well, including wearing brighter clothing when they're on their bikes.

Getting Home Safe

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One of the most frustrating things about drunk driving is that there's really no reason that it should even occur anymore. There is such great awareness that it's a problem and there are so many different ways that anybody can get home at night after having had too many that getting behind the wheel drunk is simply negligent in all cases. Here are some tips to help you get home at night if you've had too many drinks.

1: Talk to the Bartender

Most bartenders would be more than happy to call you a cab or do whatever they have to do to get you home safely. Sometimes, specific taxi companies or other services will have arrangements with the bar that expedite pickups for people who can't drive their own vehicle home. It may cost you a bit of money to take a cab, but it's a lot better than sitting in jail after getting busted for drunk driving.

How Damages in Drunk Driving Cases Work

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In drunk driving cases, damages are awarded for many different reasons. The basic idea behind any lawsuit is to provide a way for somebody who is wronged because of someone else's negligence to get compensation for the expenses that they have endured. Damages are awarded for other reasons, as well, some of which are not as easy to quantify in dollar amounts. Here are some basics.

1: Property Damage

Property damage is one of the first things that an attorney will consider when they are preparing a lawsuit. Ideally, they will be able to get you compensated for all of the property damage you suffered and, if necessary, also get enough compensation to help you repurchase any property you lost, i.e. your car.

Understanding Your Rights on the Road

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Every driver using the public roads has certain rights and is allowed to have certain expectations of other drivers. Most of the expectations that people are allowed to have of other drivers are very reasonable. For example, you have the right to expect that other drivers will exercise a reasonable amount of care and caution when driving their vehicles. When people do not, and when you're injured as a result of it, you sometimes have an opportunity to have a Dallas car wreck attorney see if they can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Reasonable Care and Caution

The laws that have to do with negligence on the roadways don't require people to drive like professionals. They only required people to exhibit the level of skill and consideration that would be expected of any normal person who has a driver's license. When they do not follow through on this, people sometimes end up getting injured. The ways that people let their fellow drivers down are numerous. Consider the following common behaviors that sometimes end up injuring people:

Hot Weather Driving Tips

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When you're driving in hot weather, you need to be aware of the fact that certain factors become greater threats than they would normally be. For example, you may find yourself:

  • Getting dehydrated
  • Getting overheated
  • Losing your temper
  • Developing headaches from heat and humidity
  • Getting ill from heat sickness
  • Having eye irritation from bright sun on the road

Here are some things you can do to avoid being miserable on the road.

Biking Safe: Facts and Fixes

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 12th, 2012

With the weather getting warmer there will be more pedestrians and cyclists out on the roads. With that in mind, we all need to do our part in sharing the road in a safe manner. Accidents involving cyclists are becoming far too common in this country, it is estimated that 500,000 people are injured each year in a bicycle accident. Many times the accident could have been avoided had it not been for someone’s carless actions. If you or someone you love has been injured in a bicycle accident, contact qualified New Jersey accident attorneys today.


The Facts

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, there were 630 cyclists killed in the U.S. in 2009. It was reported that 70 percent of these fatalities occurred in an urban area, and 67 percent happened at a non-intersection area of the road. This reflects the fact that there is a higher volume of both motorists and bicyclists in cities.


Malpractice and Heroism

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Imagine that you had a job as an accountant. At your job, you prepared people's taxes, went over people's books to make sure that they were accurate and did other tasks to make people's lives a bit easier and to keep their books a bit more accurate. If you failed to catch an incredibly complex act of embezzling that would've required specialized legal training to even recognize, do you think you would be liable for having been negligent? Probably not. The same thing applies to your doctor. If you want to understand medical malpractice, you have to understand the concept of reasonable expectations.

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