Pedestrian Accidents – the Forgotten Threat

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 12th, 2009

When most people think of car accidents they think of one car colliding with another in some fashion. Pedestrian accidents, where a vehicle runs into a person on foot, rarely come to mind. Amazingly, 11 percent of fatalities caused by motor vehicles involve pedestrians.

Man Charged in Deadliest Crash in OK History Involving DFW Locals

Submitted by jrlaw on Sep 22nd, 2009

This week Donald Creed, a 76-year old man from Missouri, was charged with 10 misdemeanor counts of negligent homicide for a maximum of 10 years jail time for crashing his tractor trailer into stopped traffic on an Oklahoma turnpike. The crash happened last June. Out of the 10 killed, three were from Frisco and one was from Denton. Authorities say this was the deadliest crash in Oklahoma history. Click here for the full story. According to the Motor Carrier Management Information System, large truck accidents happen frequently. The Texas 2008 Preliminary Crash Facts: 14,086 large trucks and 1,314 buses involved in non-fatal crashes 5,475 large trucks and 690 buses involved in injury crashes 8,325 injuries in crashes involving large trucks and 1,775 injuries in crashes involving buses 8,611 large trucks and 624 buses involved in tow-away crashes 251 large trucks and 0 buses involved in hazmat placard crashes If you, or someone you love, have been in an accident involving trucks, 18 wheelers or semis, please call us at 1-877-659-1620 or fill out our fee case evaluation form.

"Talk and Die Syndrome" - Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 1st, 2009

Although nothing has been confirmed, it appears as though prominent pitchman Billy Mays from symptoms linking to a traumatic brain injury. If confirmed, this will be the second case of TBI to have led to the death of a famous personality.

How to Wreck, Ruin, and Terminate Your Personal Injury Case

Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 11th, 2009

Your Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter profile may keep you from getting the money you deserve after an injury.

Consider this:
Information is flowing faster and more effectively than ever before ? all without your explicit consent. While you may set your own profile privacy, other individuals can link their pictures and comments to you ? all under their own privacy settings.

Evidence from online profiles is already used regularly by the media, police, and insurance companies looking to characterize you as an undesirable plaintiff and witness.

Rasansky Law Firm on WFAA Channel 8 News Thursday, June 23rd

Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 10th, 2009

Watch our interview with Chris Hawes Thursday, June 23 at 10pm on WFAA Channel 8 - we're discussing one of our current cases involving a disruption of service for a senior citizen's medical alert system. Tune in and then let us know what you think!

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Coleman Camping Products at Center of Fraud in California

Submitted by Anonymous on May 20th, 2009

From time to time, we receive reports from not only our clients about current personal injury news, but from friends of the law firm as well. John Bisnar and Brian Chase, of the Orange County, California law firm Bisnar | Chase sent out a press release yesterday, looking to shine a little bit of attention on a personal injury case they're working on.
The basic facts of the case:
On December 30, 2005, Trevor Dennis and his parents were camping at the Octillo Wells Desert Recreation area in California. Trevor, then nine years old, went to bed in the camping trailer, which was heated by a Model 5053 ProCat PerfecTemp Coleman propane heater. Later in the evening, the heater malfunctioned, causing the trailer to burst into flames - while Trevor was inside. Most of the trailer was destroyed, and Trevor sustained severe burns over much of his body.
Trevor's injuries will require extensive ongoing medical care. Yet here's where the case turns: Coleman had been violating California law prohibiting non-vented portable heaters from being sold for use indoors. This statute was designed to prevent propane heaters - which use natural gas to warm the air - from non-ventilated areas, potentially causing significant harm. The packaging and labeling of the heater clearly indicated that the heater could be used indoors.

Let's Talk about Tort Reform: Part One - All About Torts & Personal Injury Law

Submitted by Anonymous on May 6th, 2009

Let's talk about tort reform. It's not quite as sexy as Salt-N-Pepa, but just as important regardless of who you are and what you stand for.

Tort reform refers to the modification of the tort law system to achieve three main goals: to reduce tort-related litigation, to reduce liability for tortious acts, and to reduce damages awarded to those injured in tort claims.

Swine Flu & You - How to Prevent and Avoid Swine Flu

Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 29th, 2009

The Dallas Morning News is reporting several local school closures due to swine flu, including high schools, elementary schools, and preschool programs across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

2008: Year of Insurance Complaints

Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 20th, 2009

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recently released statistics regarding customer complaints against insurance companies and agencies.

The stats are unsettling ? yet predictable. In 2008, a whopping 195,669 confirmed complaints were lodged against insurance companies.

How to Lose Your Personal Injury Case: Facebook, Myspace, and other Social Media Pitfalls

Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 18th, 2009

We've been talking with colleagues around the United States, and one thing remains crystal clear these days: Facebook and Myspace, as wonderful as they are, can be dangerous for legal cases.

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