Student Plummets from 4th Floor Dorm Window

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A student fell from a fourth floor window at Bowling Green State University, triggering an investigation. The incident occurred last year, when the dormitory had just been opened. The dormitory is a five floor building, and the fall took place around three o'clock in the afternoon, according to reports by Fox Toledo.

The student was listed in good condition when he was brought to the hospital. This particular building, according to the reporting, has two section windows. Students are able to open up the smaller section of the window to get air into the dormitory.

Premise Liability and Compensation

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Premise liability law covers incidents when individuals are injured on private property or commercial property. There can sometimes be some very real personal conflicts that arise over cases involving premise liability. This is particularly the case when the incident involves an injury at somebody's home and when that injury ended up costing the person who was the victim of it a great deal of money.

Getting premise liability legal help from a qualified attorney is an absolute necessity if you believe that you have a premise liability claim on your hands. They can consult with you – generally for free – to determine whether or not it's worth it for you to file a lawsuit. Here are some of the basic facts that should give you some incentive to speak with an attorney.

Was there Negligence?

A property owner who has committed some sort of a negligent act and caused someone to come to harm may end up being sued for premise liability. Negligent acts oftentimes include not maintaining a property properly or up to code. For instance, if you were invited to use a staircase that was not provided with a handrail, that was not cleared of ice or other obstructions or that was uneven and inherently dangerous and you came to harm because of it, you may have a good claim on your hands.

Hawaii Slip and Fall Case Pays over $5 Million

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A recent slip and fall injury case in Hawaii has paid the largest ever jury verdict in history for that state. The woman who was injured in a slip and fall accident in a fast food restaurant ended up receiving $5.67 million. She suffered a disabling spinal injury after she fell, and such injuries are all too common in these cases.

Why Are they Dangerous?

You've probably heard that people can die falling from their own height. This, even though it sounds like something of an urban legend, is precisely true. If you fall on a hard surface and strike your head or other vital areas of your body, you can easily be seriously injured or die. Slip and fall accidents can be extremely dangerous in certain establishments.

Dog Bite Claim Costs Up

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According to a report by the Insurance Journal, the cost of dog bite claims has risen over 53 percent between 2003 and 2011. Legal settlements, jury awards and medical bills all play into this. If you have a dog, it's important that you make certain that you're responsible. If you're bitten by a dog on somebody's property, or your own, you may want to contact an attorney about the matter, since the medical and other expenses associated with these injuries can be very high.


If you're a dog owner, you can get insurance to protect you in the event of a lawsuit. Some policies will have umbrella coverage that will cover somebody if your dog bites them on your property. You may want to look into other types of coverage, as well, to make certain that you don't end up looking at a lawsuit because your dog got out of control.

If you are bitten, talking to an attorney is highly advisable.

Amusement Parks Make Big Bucks But Can Be Dangerous

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According to a report in Daily Finance, amusement parks have been doing quite well over the year. In fact, the report says that Six Flags is expected to have an 8 percent increase in revenue this year. The increasing profitability of amusement parks does bring up some questions, however. Some of the rides at amusement parks can be very dangerous if they're not properly maintained and if safety regulations are not followed closely.

What is Premises Liability?

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Premises liability can be described in two useful ways for people who are not lawyers. First, it encompasses the law that describes how a landowner or property owner is responsible for the injuries suffered by people on their land. Second, it can be understood in terms of how it is applied in everyday life. Some examples can help to clarify what premise liability law is all about.


Retail Establishments

Premises liability law allows retail store owners to function with a clear idea of what their responsibilities are under the law. They typically care insurance to cover them in the even that they are sued because of an injury. Their responsibilities are not particularly demanding. They need to maintain a reasonably safe environment for the people who visit their stores. This means providing safe surfaces to walk on, providing signage to warn of hazards and making sure that their customers are discouraged from taking risks that are inappropriate. For instance, stores with high shelves oftentimes have plenty of signage warning you against trying to access the high shelves without assistance. This is an example of a storeowner being responsible.

Survey Reveals Surprising Facts About Slip and Fall Injuries

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The website Sustainable Plant has a survey out designed to educate people about slip and fall injuries. These injuries kill many more people each year than you likely believe and, because of that, they do merit attention from plant owners, retail shop owners and even private homeowners.


How Many People Die

Every year, approximately 17,000 people die due to injuries sustained during a slip and fall accident. This number may surprise you. It is, in fact, comparable to the populations of most small cities. With this many people being killed every year by these accidents, it's no wonder that they're in the news a lot.


Remember that populations such as senior citizens are particularly at risk of dying in one of these accidents because of their typically fragile health and bodies.

Slip and Fall Injury Nets More than $38 Million

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A California jury awarded a plaintiff $38.6 million in compensation due to a slip and fall incident that resulted in a brain injury. According to reporting in the Legal Examiner, the victim was on a hotel balcony at the time when they slipped off and fell to the ground.


It was found that the railings on the balconies were below the height required by building codes. The report details that, in the 1970s, the building code required that railings the 42 inches high. The motel railing was found to be 34 inches high.

Kroger Sued Over Slip and Fall Incident

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A lawsuit has been filed against the Kroger Co. and against an employee at one of their stores due to a slip and fall injury. The lawsuit alleges that the victim was shopping at the supermarket when she slipped on a wet surface near a cooler.


According to the lawsuit, no signage had been put out to warn customers that the area was slippery and nobody had yet mopped up the liquid at the time of the accident. The lawsuit lists this as negligent and includes several expenses in the damages being sought. The damages include mental anguish and emotional distress, court costs, attorney fees, and past and future medical expenses.

Houston Releases Video to Help People Survive Workplace Shooters

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The City of Houston is trying to educate people as to how to survive an incident where an active shooter invades their workplace or another location. The city produced a video that offers a dramatization of a shooter, armed with a shotgun, walking through a place of business and opening fire at random. With several mass shootings making the news in recent months, this information should be useful to anybody who works in a public place or, for that matter, who enjoys attending a lot of public events.

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