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Is your Injury Due to a Faulty Product?

Submitted by jrlaw on Jun 3rd, 2010

Faulty products cause thousands of injuries each year. Today, there is even more reason to be concerned about this. More and more, manufacturers have turned to outsourcing as their primary means of manufacture. This means that, when you buy a product from a company, that company may well have had nothing to do with how it was manufactured, where it was manufactured or the standards of quality and safety to which that product was held. This is a worrisome situation and many consumers have found reason to be suspicious of today's manufacturers.

A good number of products sold in the US are made in China. The labor and safety standards in that nation are far less than they are in the US. While these products are supposed to be manufactured to US standards, there have been many instances of unsafe products being sold in the US, including the infamous incident where baby products were found to contain lead paint. The fact that these products are manufactured in another nation doesn't mean that no one is responsible for it when they injure or kill the consumers who purchase them.

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