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What Happens When a Man Dies in a Texas Jail Due to Illness?

Submitted by jrlaw on Dec 23rd, 2009
The Dallas Morning News recently reported a tragic story involving a Texas inmatewho died in jail due to illness and lack of proper care.
Craig Morris, 45, was homeless and suffering from alcoholism. While the Dallas County Jail considered his pneumonia death in jail of “natural” causes, Morris’ family believe he died because of severe pneumonia that prison officials willfully ignored. He was serving a minor sentence for a misdemeanor crime involving consensual sex. The official charge was “public lewdness.”
His sister, Jeanette Rivett, stated that taking the sick man to Parkland Memorial Hospital would have been the appropriate action for the Dallas County Jail. The fact that Morris suffered a pneumonia death in jailwhile in custody proves that no one at the jail took note of his severe symptoms. Rivett commented that Morris “lived a horrible life but he was a human.” She believes it was a travesty of justice for a sick man serving a minor sentence to die helplessly in a cell.
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