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What You Don't Know About Premise Liability!

Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 12th, 2011


Just about everyone is familiar with the scenario of someone being injured on a property and suing the property owner. For instance, someone may slip and fall, hurting themselves and then call a personal injury attorney to represent them in court against the property owner. This is a very common type of claim and is one of the ways that injured parties can hold property owners responsible for not maintaining a safe environment. However, there are other ways that property owners can be held liable.

Overwhelmed with Dealing with Social Security Claims? Why it's Time to Hire a Lawyer.

Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 15th, 2011

Social security is there to make sure that, if the worst happens, all of us have some way of surviving. Survivor benefits ensure that families don't go bankrupt when the breadwinner in the family dies. If you get disabled, it's designed to provide a safety net to prevent you from being out on the street without a roof over your head or food on your table. In some cases, however, this agency can be extremely difficult to deal with. This is one of the largest of all government bureaucracies and, because of that, you're at risk of being denied benefits for very specious reasons.

If you think about it, part of what an attorney does best is understand complex bureaucracies and how they relate to the people they're supposed to serve. An attorney also understands the rights their clients enjoy and works to make sure that those rights are asserted when appropriate. To make sure that you're not being denied benefits to which you have a right by the Social Security Administration, you should contact an attorney.

Be Cautious, Avoid a Slip and Fall Injury

Submitted by jrlaw on Jan 27th, 2011

A slip and fall accident can cause serious injury and even death. There are some areas that are serious hazards for these types of injuries and, if you keep an eye out, you can avoid them. There are cases, however, when someone’s negligence may result in your being hurt and when you may want to contact a personal injury law firm.

The doorways of commercial establishments can be serious trip hazards. If the owner isn’t very considerate, they may put down floor mats that tend to bunch up by the doors as people walk in and out. Watch these areas. In some cases, especially in wet weather, these mats can be very heavy and, when they’re not flat, they may cause you to lose your footing and to fall to the ground.

Stairways and ramps are other obvious danger areas. In wet weather, be particularly cautious. In the winter, remember that a layer of snow can easily cover a layer of ice and that you may find yourself tumbling down the stairs or ramp without expecting any trouble at all. Always use the railing to steady yourself on these areas. It’s much better to assume that it is slippery and to avoid an accident than it is to assume the surface is safe and to get hurt unexpectedly.

Filing a Lawsuit Over a Work Injury

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 5th, 2010

Employers have a duty to provide their employees with a safe work environment. In some cases, they may shirk this duty, resulting in their employees becoming injured or even killed. These are the types of cases that can be handled by a personal injury attorney. There are detailed laws and regulations that cover working conditions and, when they are broken and someone is hurt, you have a right to seek compensation from the employer. Some of these cases become egregious and the negligence exhibited by some companies is simply amazing.

When companies fail to adequately train personnel for their jobs, they create a situation where it’s very likely that those personnel could injure themselves or their coworkers. These cases sometimes result in death. Even in these extreme circumstances, you have the ability to seek a civil suit against the offending company. A wrongful death lawyer can handle such cases. They won’t be intimidated by the company and they won’t take a settlement unless it’s adequate to cover your pain and suffering due to the loss of your loved one. There have been many successful suits filed against employers who have put their workers at undue risk.

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