daycare neglect

Watching Out for Daycare Negligence

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 16th, 2010

Most often, when parents think of a bad daycare facility, they equate it with a facility where deliberate abuse is being perpetrated against the children. This is not always the way abusive daycare facilities work, however. In some cases, daycare negligence is at issue. Negligence may be on the part of the employees, the company that runs the facility or other individuals who have access to the children at the facility. When a parent brings their child to a daycare, they expect that the staff that takes care of their child will be well-trained and very professional. When this is not the case, and when someone gets hurt, negligence may be found to be the cause.

Negligence doesn’t necessarily mean that someone was incompetent or that they didn’t try their best. Daycare negligence, for example, may include cases where a daycare employee tried very hard and had all he right training, but where their failure caused someone to get hurt. In some cases, the negligence is more obvious. Daycare neglect, for instance, may involve letting children play in dangerous ways or not providing children with access to needed medications or not keeping conditions at the daycare sanitary.

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