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Are Zhu Zhu Pets Harmless Fun or Dangerous Toys?

Submitted by jrlaw on Dec 11th, 2009

As with every year, this year there is another hot toy on the market that all of the kids (and their parents) are desperate to get their hands on. This year’s most coveted toy is the Zhu Zhu pet. These robotic hamsters, which simulate many activities of the real pet, have been become enormously popular and have been flying off the shelves. Recently though, according to an Associated Press story, consumer group, GoodGuide, ran safety tests on the popular product and found it to have unsafe levels of the dangerous metal antimony. In one of the models known as “Mr. Squiggles”, the levels of 93 parts per million found in the toy’s fur and 106 parts per million in its nose were well above the permissible level of 60 parts per million.

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