chemcial burn injury

Hot under the Collar? Chemical Burns in the Work Place

Submitted by jrlaw on Feb 25th, 2010

Who is Responsible for Chemical Burns at Work?
It is an unfortunate truth, but most people have to work and, on top of that, some jobs come with a certain degree of personal injury risk. One such potential hazard is that of chemical burns. Some workers are required to work with or around dangerous substances. Some of the more common workplace chemicals are paint removers, lye, cleaning products, cement mix and battery acid, but the full list is far more extensive. There are regulations set in place for dealing with such materials, but there are times when accidents or unexpected incidents do occur and can result in a burn injury for the worker.
In the workplace, it is essential that employees are educated on the dangers of substances that they may be working with or around. They must be informed of the steps necessary to maintain safety. Chemical burns are extremely serious and often do more damage than burns from heat. According  they can cause scarring, eye damage, blindness, seizures, numbness and even death. Burns are not limited to the outside of the body; if toxic fumes are inhaled they can cause burns in the airway as well.

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