When Do Social Security Disability Benefits Start?

Your Social Security Disability Benefits, if your benefits application is approved, will be paid beginning with the 6th full month after the date your disability actually began. So, if your disability began on January 1, 2004, your benefits would start in July, 2004. Also, your Social Security Benefits are paid in the month after the month they are due. For example, January benefits are paid in February. How Long Will You Receive Disability Benefits? Your Social Security Disability benefits usually will continue as long as you remain disabled.

There are some occasions when the Social Security Administration may change your eligibility status. If your health improves enough, you may no longer be considered disabled, and therefore could be denied benefits. You could also choose to return to work rather than depend on your benefits. The Social Security Administration offers work incentives for just these occasions. The work incentives offer continued monthly benefits and medical coverage while you try to return to work on a full time basis.

The Benefit Review Process - How often are you disability benefits reviewed?

The Social Security Administration will review your case occasionally, to determine if you are still disabled and eligible for disability benefits. A requirement of Social Security Disability is that you notify the SSA if you health improves or you go back to work.

  • If your condition is "expected" to improve, your benefits will be reviewed within 6 to eighteen months after your benefits begin.
  • If it's "possible" for your condition to improve, your benefits will be reviewed after 3 years or more.
  • If your condition is "not expected" to improve, your benefits will be reviewed after 7 years.

The Disability Benefit Review Process - What does the benefit review process consist of?

When the Social Security Administration decides to review your benefits, they will contact you by mail stating they are conducting a review. Shortly afterward, a representative from the local SSA office will contact you to explain the review process and your rights to an appeal. The representative will ask you to provide documents about your medical treatments and about any work you have done. The benefit review team consists of a disability examiner and a doctor. These individuals will review your file and may request that you have a special examination. The examination is paid for by the SSA. They should also pay your transportation costs. When the Social Security Administration has reached a decision on your disability, you will be notified by mail. If they decide you should still receive benefits, you do not need to do anything, your benefits will simply continue. If the SSA decided you are no longer eligible for benefits, you should file an appeal. If you do not file an appeal, your benefits will stop 3 months after the decision is made.

When Do Your Benefits Stop?

Your benefits may stop if you begin to work at a level the Social Security Administration deems "substantial". Also, your benefits may stop if the SSA decides your condition has improved so much that you are no longer disabled. How Do You Apply for Disability Benefits? Visit our section on Social Security Benefits Application.

Payment of Benefits

Your benefit payments begin on your sixth month of disability. The SSA will send you notice on the amount of your benefits and the date your benefits will begin. You will continue to receive benefit payments until you return to full time work or your medical condition improves to the point where you are no longer considered disabled. Cost of Living Adjustments in Your Benefits Your benefits should increase annually if the cost of living has increased. The SSA should notify you of any cost of living adjustments in your disability benefits.

Receiving Other Benefits

If you receive other disability benefits, such as a settlement, workers compensation or a pension from work not covered by Social Security, the benefits for you and your family may be reduced. You are required to report any pension changes to the SSA.

Marriage and Benefits

If you get married or divorced, your Social Security benefits may be affected, depending on the kind of benefits you receive. If your benefits are stopped because of marriage or remarriage, they may be started again if the marriage ends.

Right To Appeal Benefits Decisions

If you disagree with the Social Security Administration's decision on your disability benefits, you have the right to appeal the decision. You also have the right to legal representation. You should look at hiring a lawyer or attorney experienced in appealing disability benefit denial cases. Contact The Rasansky Law Firm if you have any questions about your Social Security Disability Benefits.



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