Social Security Disability Benefits Guidelines

The Guidelines for qualifying for Supplemental Security Income or Disability Insurance are very strict. With statistics showing that workers have a 30 percent chance of becoming disabled before retiring, you should be aware of these guidelines. There are different requirements to receive income payments and insurance payments. The benefits available might rely on what you qualify for. You should be aware of these qualification guidelines so you can be sure to receive any and all the benefits you deserve if you become disabled.

Benefit Qualification Guidelines

  • Applicant has worked in jobs covered by Social Security
  • Medical condition must meet definition of disability

Disability Guidelines

Additional to the above guidelines, you must have held the approved job for a specific duration, and must have held that job recently. Social Security work credits are based on your total yearly wages or self-employment income. You can earn up to four credits each year. You also have to have earned a specified amount of work credits to qualify for disability benefits.

The Social Security Administration must decide that you are disabled in order to receive benefits. They take into consideration whether or not you are working and if your monthly earnings reached a specific amount. If you earned too much money in the past year, the SSA might decide you are NOT disabled. Additionally, the SSA must decide that your condition is severe and interfere with basic work related functions. The SSA has a specific definition of disability. Your condition must be on the list of approved disabling conditions according to the Social Security Administration. If your medical condition is not on this list, you must prove your disability is severe enough to qualify for benefits. You must also prove that you can't perform work you did previous to the medical condition, and that you cannot perform other work. There are special guidelines for people who are blind, are widows, and for disabled children.

Guidelines for Disability Insurance & Supplemental Income

Our Law Firm is experienced in the process of applying for Social Security Disability Benefits. We will help you navigate the difficult journey of getting the benefits you deserve. Our lawyers can help you with denied claims, and more importantly, help you meet all the qualification guidelines so we can prove the extent of your disability to the Social Security Administration before your application is denied. We can help you throughout the entire disability benefits application process.

Help for Denied Disability Benefits

If your claim for Social Security Disability Benefits is denied, our lawyers will present your case at the hearings, providing a strong defense in an effort to reverse a denied claim. Contact The Rasansky Law Firm for help with your Disability Benefits application or to fight a denied claim.


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