Social Security Benefits

Texas Social Security Disability Attorneys

The Social Security Administration provides disability programs aimed at providing assistance to the disabled. If you have a disability and meet the federal disability requirements you can apply for disability benefits.

The process for applying and keeping social security disability payments is complex and best understood by experienced and knowledgeable Social Security lawyers. The Rasansky Law Firm employs several attorneys who are well-versed in this field of law.


Available Disability Programs

There are two programs administered by the Social Security Administration: the Social Security Disability Insurance Program and the Supplemental Security Income Program.

  • Social Security Disability Insurance - this program pays benefits to qualified individuals and their family. To qualify for the insurance, you must be insured by meeting the Social Security Disability Insurance Guidelines.
  • Supplement Security Income Program - this program pays benefits based on financial need to qualified individuals and their family. The requirements for this program are similar to the requirements for disability insurance in that you must meet the Supplemental Security Income Program Requirements set out by the Social Security Administration.


Apply for Benefits

To apply for Social Security Disability programs you must apply for financial assistance. The process of applying for assistance can be very difficult and confusing. You must provide medical records and personal information. To determine which programs you may qualify for, use the Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool provided by the Social Security Administration, and review our information about the qualifications process. The Social Security Administration will decide if you meet the requirements for receiving disability payments, and will also decide the amount of the payments.


Benefit of a Social Security Lawyer

Our lawyers are experienced in the Social Security Disability Process, from application to reconsideration, hearings to appeals, will help you navigate the difficult journey of getting the Social Security Disability Benefits you deserve. The Rasansky Law Firm helps you meet the qualification guidelines by obtaining required medical records from your doctors to prove the extent of your disability to the Social Security Administration. The firm regularly represents clients in the social security disability process, from application to reconsideration, through all hearings and appeals.

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