OTC Drugs

Over The Counter Drug Recalls

Over the Counter (OTC) Drugs Can Be Dangerous

Going to the doctor every time you have a headache or another minor medical problem simply isn’t feasible. For that reason, use of over the counter (OTC) drugs has become a fact of modern life. But with more than 300,000 such drugs on the market, just making a decision about which one to buy can be mind-boggling.

Most Americans simply assume that if it’s an over the counter drug, it’s safe. To protect you and your family from a possible overdose or other negative side effects of over the counter (OTC) drugs, here are some general guidelines that you may want to follow:

  • Over the counter (OTC) drugs should only be used for the temporary relief of minor symptoms.
  • Don’t take over the counter (OTC) drugs for a period of time longer than that which is recommended on the label. If symptoms persist, contact your doctor.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, check with your nurse or doctor before taking any over the counter (OTC) medication, even herbal supplements.
  • Consumers who have allergies should read label warnings carefully and check with a doctor or pharmacist regarding any lingering questions they may have.
  • Read the label on the drug carefully before you start to take an over the counter (OTC) product. Check it again each time you buy a new package, in case there have been important changes to the label since your last purchase.

When administering over the counter (OTC) drugs to children, it’s especially important that you follow the labeling instructions. In addition:

  • Remember that children just aren’t small adults so do not estimate dosage based on the child’s size, follow the dosages specified on the label.
  • Follow any age limits on the label.
  • Know the difference between TBSP (tablespoon) and TSP (teaspoon).
  • Don’t double the dose just because your child seems sicker than last time.
  • Before you give your child two medicines at a time, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Never let children take medicine by themselves.

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