Acetaminophen Recall

Acetaminophen Recalled by Perrigo Co.

Acetaminophen Recalled After Bits of Wire Found in Bottles

Eleven million bottles of generic acetaminophen made by major manufacturer Perrigo Co., located in Michigan, were recalled on November 9 after bits of wire and metal fragments were discovered in bottles containing 500-milligram caplets. These nonprescription drugs were sold to top retailers across the country, such as Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens and Costco.

Acetaminophen is most commonly known as Tylenol, which is the brand name for the drug. Acetaminophen is typically taken to help with headaches, muscle and body pain, arthritis pain, and other aches and pains.The FDA statement about the acetaminophen recall stresses that there is no need to stockpile the drug, since there will still be plenty of it on store shelves nationwide and a shortage is not an issue.

The acetaminophen recall only applies to bottles containing 500-milligram caplets. Since many people across the country need to take acetaminophen, the FDA has suggested that they consume additional amounts of acetaminophen pills that have lower strengths and avoid the 500mg acetaminophen caplets affected by the recall.

The major manufacturer of acetaminophen informed the FDA of the recall on November 1, and between that date and November 9 the FDA and the Perrigo Co. were investigating the issue before they decided to publicly announce the acetaminophen recall. The FDA emphasizes that November 9 was the soonest date possible that they could make the announcement that acetaminophen was recalled, because they wanted to have as much information as possible on the situation.

But what about those who have not heard of the acetaminophen recall and have taken one of the pills

According to the FDA, these consumers have a minor chance of consequences. The FDA claims that people who swallow the contaminated acetaminophen could suffer from stomach discomfort or even cuts to the mouth or throat, but that the likelihood of these situations being life-threatening is very small. We are watching the case closely, because even a small risk of a life threatening injury is too large. If you believe you have ingested a recalled acetaminophen caplet, it is suggested that a doctor be contacted immediately. We would further suggest contacting a personal injury lawyer experienced in product and pharmaceutical liability to ensure your rights are protected.

Regardless of actually consuming the pills, people in possession of the recalled bottles should discontinue taking acetaminophen and definitely should keep the pills out of reach of other people, especially children. If you believe you are in possession of recalled acetaminophen, contact us immediately.

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