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Slip and fall injuries can happen anywhere, for a number of reasons, and often seriously harm an individual. Bottom line: slip and fall accidents require tough legal representation for your injuries. Call us now.

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Slip and fall accident statistics show that a personal injury due to a slip or a fall can last a lifetime. If you have suffered a "slip and fall" accident, or a "trip and fall" accident, it might not be your fault. If a property owner has shown negligence and caused your slip and fall injury, you deserve compensation for your injuries and lost wages.


Premise Liability and "Slip and Fall" Accidents

If your slip and fall accident occurred on someone else's property, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are legally responsible for your injury, you should contact Dallas personal injury lawyer Jeff Rasansky to determine if a negligent third party should be paying your medical expenses and lost wages.


Slip and Fall Lawyers

The "slip and fall" lawyers at Rasansky Law Firm have extensive experience defending victims of negligence injured in slip and fall accidents. Our slip and fall lawyers know that the consequences of a slip and fall accident extend beyond the financial problems caused by mounting medical bills. The stress placed on the person who slipped and fell is often overwhelming and usually affects their family as well.

Physical pain, suffering, looming financial disaster due to the loss of your paycheck and huge medical bills are all unfortunate results that can be caused by a slip and fall accident that was no fault of your own. Why should you and your family have to shoulder all of these burdens by yourselves? Contact The Rasansky Law Firm to speak with a personal injury lawyer experienced in slip and fall cases.


What is a Slip and Fall Accident?

What exactly constitutes a valid "slip & fall" or "trip and fall" injury case? First, the accident must occur on the premises or property of a third-party and that third party must be negligent, meaning the slip and fall accident occurred because of a foreign or slippery substance, a dangerously placed object or a defective surface. Business owners and operators are required to maintain reasonably safe conditions in their place of business. If an unsafe condition occurs, such as a puddle of water in a store, shopping mall, restaurant or supermarket, the business proprietor is required to warn the public of the danger. If you injure yourself because of an unsafe condition in a place of business that could or should have known and warned you about a danger, you may have a valid slip and fall case.


Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyer

The expertise of a trustworthy personal injury lawyer like Jeff Rasansky is required for personal injury cases such as a slip and fall accident. A case victory often is the result of the victim calling a lawyer experienced in slip and fall litigation very soon after the injury occurs. This is because recovering a settlement is often a direct result of being able preserve the evidence that caused the slip and fall injury and the ability to gather witness testimony of others who might have seen your accident. It is also crucial to determine the length of time the substance or defect had existed, its visibility and how long the owner or business proprietor knew of the dangerous condition that caused you to slip and fall. Sometimes a negligent third party is difficult to locate, and slip and fall cases often require evidence to be preserved immediately.

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