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Questions Regarding Personal Injury & Negligence

Question: Can Negligence Depend on Who is Doing What? Answer: Yes. Subtle nuances such as a person's knowledge, background and experience all affect this. For example, accountants are expected to act with more care when it comes to financial data, attorneys are expected to act with a greater degree of care when dealing with a client, and doctors are expected to have a greater degree of care when dealing with patients rather than a person who simply knows first aid. Question:What is comparative negligence? Answer: Comparative negligence comes into effect when two or more parties fail to perform at the standard of an "ordinary reasonable person". For example, what if a person were driving much too fast in a patch of fog on the highway and struck another car, but that car did not have its lights on. In a situation like this, where both parties are found to be negligent to some degree, the responsibility to the other person is reduced by the opposing person's negligence. A jury might decide that the person who was driving too fast in the inclement weather was 55% responsible for the accident, while the driver who was in the vehicle without the lights on was 40% responsible. Whether or not the driver would recover anything would be dependent on that state's particular law. Some states would say that the driver who has over 50% of the responsibility would not recover anything. For more information about cases like this, visit our site about Dallas Car Crash Attorneys Question: What happens if I injure myself at my friend's house? Answer: If your friend's happen to be homeowners, then it is likely that they have homeowner's insurance to protect them if anyone is injured on their property. If they happen to be renters, then they probably have renter's insurance or some sort of coverage like that. If they ARE renters, then the land owner will likely have insurance to cover any claims filed on this property.

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