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A personal injury happens when you are physically or psychologically injured as the result of an intentional act or accident. In order to collect compensation for your injuries, you must first follow a few steps.

Firstly, if you've been injured, you will need to deal with the shock and distress that may have occurred. You may need to visit a doctor or an emergency room. There you will be treated for your physical injuries, and evidence may be collected such as samples, photos, and visual and written reports. Be sure to obtain a copy of these reports, and follow up with your own personal doctor as necessary. When you visit a doctor for treatment, you will want to ask them to record the fact that you were in an accident. These records would be evidence that your injuries were the result of an accident, which will be a huge help later when you make your claim.

Any injury that is visible needs to be photographed as well and you should take note of the date when these were taken. Next, you will want to collect evidence about the accident itself. For example, if you were injured after slipping on a patch of ice in front of a store, you would need to take pictures of the area.

Also, you'll want to write down all of the details of the accident while they are still fresh. If there were any witnesses, you'll want to collect their contact information. If you were at work when the accident occurred, you should notify your employer about the accident. Legally, your employer must keep a record of accidents. If you are self-employed, you should take care to record the accident. You or your employer will also want to report the accident to the Health and Safety Executive or local environmental program. If you think that your employer might not have properly recorded the accident, write them with details and make sure you keep a copy of them. If you were injured in an auto accident, you should tell the police. Your insurance company may not pay you if you do not report the accident to the proper authorities.

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