Gastric Bypass Malpractice

Gastric Bypass Medical Malpractice

Gastric bypass statistics show that over 90,000 people will have gastric bypass surgery to treat obesity. One in two hundred gastric bypass patients will die from the surgery, nearly double the rate of other similarly complex procedures, surgeries and operations.

What is gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is the surgical reduction of the stomach pouch to a pouch about one ounce or less in size. Because the stomach is reduced, the sensation of fullness is achieved quickly while eating.

Although gastric bypass surgery might sound simple, the operation involves cutting and reconnecting digestive tissues. Gastric bypass surgery can be a life threatening procedure, and malpractice occurs often as doctors and medical facilities fail to properly assess the signs of trouble.

Complications of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Complications of gastric bypass surgery include:

  • Leakage of gastrointestinal juices from the sutures or staple lines, often resulting in infections, abscesses, peritonitis and possibly wrongful death
  • Formation of pulmonary emboli (blood clot in the lungs) and respiratory failure
  • Kidney problems, gallstones, hernia, and small bowel obstruction

Pain from gastric bypass surgery should subside significantly by the second day after surgery. If back pain, shoulder pain, excessive urination, and difficulty breathing occurs, a gastrointestinal leakage could be suspected. These symptoms of gastric bypass complications should not be overlooked.

Signs of Gastric Bypass Surgery Medical Malpractice

  • Inexperienced doctors, some performing surgery after only taking a weekend seminar
  • Surgery occurred in a facility lacking equipment such as diagnostic tools, instruments, and operating tables for an obese person
  • Excessive pain after a gastric bypass surgery
  • Serious complications, such as clotting, kidney problems, and respiratory problems
  • Doctors fail to respond in an efficient manner when patient complains of symptoms indicating gastrointestinal leakage or other complications resulting in death

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