Medical Second Opinion

Medical Second Opinion

You've seen a doctor, and the diagnosis or treatment is serious. Surgery or some other invasive procedure is recommended. Before going forward, you may want to seek a second opinion. Even if you trust your doctor, the opinion of another can provide reassurance that your physician's recommended treatment course is truly your best option. It can also introduce you to new options for treatment, options you may not have considered previously, but that are better suited to your condition and lifestyle. Simply put - your health is too valuable. It's worth the time to err on the side of caution. A second opinion is worth getting if the diagnosis is serious or if the treatment is new, experimental or unusually expensive. Other things to consider:

  • Do you feel concerned about a diagnosis or recommended treatment?
  • Is the diagnosis uncertain, or is a percentage for recovery stated?
  • Is the diagnosis life-threatening?
  • Is the treatment experimental, controversial or unusually expensive?
  • Are risky tests or procedures recommended?
  • Do you want another approach or treatment option?
  • Is the treatment working?

How to Get a Second Opinion on Your Diagnosis & Treatment

  1. Check your insurance coverage, as some plans do not cover second opinions.
  2. Transfer your complete medical records to your consulting doctor so that he or she can accurately assess your condition.
  3. Research your diagnosed condition and prepare a list of questions for the second doctor.
  4. Get a second physical examination.
  5. Have the original test results and exams reviewed.
  6. Still confused or uncertain about the results? Find another doctor, physician, or specialist to reevaluate.

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