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Your medical records represent the sum of your medical history. They reveal every illness you've ever suffered, every medical test your doctor ordered, and every drug a medical professional ever prescribed for you. With such valuable information at stake, patients have both a right and a responsibility to become the keeper of their own medical records. Unfortunately, many patients believe their medical records are the doctor's property and that patients have no rights to them. But in Texas, the Medical Practice Act allows you to obtain a copy of your medical records or to instruct that a copy be given to another individual or doctor. A doctor may keep the originals, but is required under Texas law to release copies when you submit a written request. To obtain your records, you must be very explicit about which records you want. You must also give a reason for the release and identify the person who will receive the records. It's also a good idea to send the request via certified mail or to deliver it by hand to ensure that your doctor receives it. Within 30 days, your doctor must provide the copies, but is allowed to charge for them. Fees should not exceed $25 for the first 20 pages and $.15/per page thereafter. You may also have to pay for delivery costs. Many patients also mistakenly assume that they don't need to worry about getting their medical records right now, thinking they can do so in the future when the need arises. That's not always the case. Most doctors generally keep a patient's chart for about 10 years after a visit. While some smaller practices will keep patient files until the office closes or a patient dies, other larger practices have standard file purging procedures in place. To be on the safe side, it's best to get copies of your records sooner rather than later. Also, check with your current and previous health care providers about their office policies for maintaining medical records. Trouble getting your medical records, or questions about what they contain. Contact the Rasansky Law Firm online, or call 1-877-659-1620 to discuss your private situation with our medical malpractice attorneys.


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