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Get your tracks radio-ready with this comprehensive guide to mixing for producers.
This course is a comprehensive guide to mixing for music producers.
At the end of this course, your tracks will be transformed into radio-ready, commercial quality songs which you can pitch to labels, contests, or simply release for your fans.
I created this course because I wish someone had taught me these principles when I was just getting started producing music. I had spent all of my time learning about synthesizers, recording live instruments, drum programming, and audio unit processing. I had a pretty good knack for making cool sounds and composing songs, but once all of the elements were piled together, more often than not it sounded like a jumbled mess. It was nowhere near the clarity and punch I heard on the radio or professional tracks that I loved.

Section 1: WELCOME
Lecture 1 Introduction 04:34
Lecture 2 Basic Goals Room 04:26
Lecture 3 Monitoring 06:53
Lecture 4 Reference Tracks 04:00
Test 1 The Listening Environment Quiz 3 questions
Lecture 5 Starting a Session Mix 09:04
Lecture 6 Importing Your Audio Files 04:07
Lecture 7: Naming Your Tracks 07:04
Lecture 8 Color Coding Your Tracks 07:07
Lecture 9 Removing Silence From Your Audio Regions 04:14
Lecture 10 Setting Up Markers 04:48
Lecture 11 Multing 06:10
Lecture 12 Setting Up Routing Submix 07:49
Test 2 The Mix Preparation Quiz 8 questions
Section 4: BALANCING
Lecture 13 Getting a Static Mix 13:20
Lecture 14 Additional Considerations in Balancing 03:43
Lecture 15 Panning 10:00
Test 3 The Balancing Quiz 3 questions
Lecture 16 From a Static EQ to Mix 02:30
Lecture 17 The Channel EQ Plugin is 09:43
Lecture 18 EQ to Shape Tone 08:11
Lecture 19 Subtractive Equalization 10:23
Lecture 20 EQ to Avoid Frequency Masking (Part 1) 10:18
Lecture 21 EQ to Avoid Frequency Masking (Part 2) 10:51
Test 4 The EQ Quiz 7 questions
Lecture 22 Compression Introduction 03:25
Lecture 23 What is A Compressor? 16:12
Lecture 24 Using a Compressor on Lead Vocals 15:13
Lecture 25 Sidechain Compression as a Mix Tool 10:24
Lecture 26 Expansion 11:18
Lecture 27 The Noise Gate 15:02
Lecture 28 Compression on the Drum Submix 07:17
Test The Compression 5 Quiz 6 questions
Lecture 29 Creating Effects Return 15:31
Lecture 30 Ducking Effects Return 06:32
Lecture 31 Creating a Drum Room 07:55
Lecture 32 Stereo Imaging using the Rotor Cabinet 05:32
Lecture 33 Pitch-Shifted Delays to Widen Lead Vocals 09:37
Lecture 34 Overdrive to Even Out the Snare 06:24
Lecture 35 Phase-Cancellation Gating on the Guitars 14:12
Test 6 The Sweetening Quiz 5 questions
Lecture 36 Audio Editing: When and Why to Use It 10:09
Lecture 37 Flex Time 15:09
Lecture 38 Flex Pitch (Part 1) 08:38
Lecture 39 Flex Pitch (Part 2) 12:09
Lecture 40 More on the Fade Tool 07:13
Lecture 41 Speed Up and Slow Down 05:45
Test 7 The Audio Editing Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 42 Using Automation for a Dynamic Mix 08:11
Lecture 43 More On Automation 14:25
Test 8 The Automation Quiz 3 questions
Section 10: FINISHING UP
Lecture Notes 44 The Stage Is 08:24
Lecture 45 The Test Car 07:48
Lecture 46 Exporting Your Mix for Mastering 07:14
Section 11: THANK YOU!
Lecture 47 Thank You! 02:33

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