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Mohamed Kamal

So you're a producer, DJ or an aspiring musician...?
Then this course is for you. It's about mixing electronic music. Whether it's mixing your own productions or maybe a remix you are working on or a demo track for a record label. To make your mixes shine, add that punch and quality to your sound.
What Makes \"Good\" Mixing?
In this online mixing course you’ll learn how to use the four clear principles of good mixing. And all the techniques and exercises are carefully designed to fit within that structure. Every time you do one, you are building technique in one of those four principles.
Practice Makes Perfect?
When people tell you that you need to practice mixing, it's hard to know what that means. Well, this course gives you one full mix available for you to download to get all the practice you need, to find your own style, and to build the confidence to know what a great mix should sound like. Go through them day by day, or just pick any one to get started writing.
Who's This For?
This electronic mixing course is designed for producers, DJs and musicians at any level, from this course you will learn how to mix from good to great in just five minutes a day!
If you're also taking Deep House Course, then these are perfect techniques to get you into the mixing in the first week of that course while you're planning out your book.
Shown in Logic, but applicable to any DAW, this online mixing course is perfect fit for anyone on any DAWY, the same principles apply and these exercises will help you learn how to mix great tunes whatever platform you are using. The techniques can be applied to a range of electronic music genres.
By the end of this course you will have acquired a greater understanding of the mixing process.
So give it a go and I really hope to see you inside this course.

1 How the course is structured 02:12
2 What is mixing? 5:00
3 Learning how to mix 05:38
4 Process of Mixing 07:44
5 Monitoring 06:07
6 Mental requirements for mixing 03:14
7 Introduction and Exercise Files Lyrics
8 EQ Application 03:58
9 Frequency Spectrum 05:05
10 Types of Controls 04:17
11 Phase 02:40
12 Linear Phase EQ 03:26
13 EQ In Practice 1 3:24
14 EQ In Practice 2 7:54
15 EQ In Practice 3 8:22
16 EQ In Practice 4 5:14
17 EQ In Practice 5 11:09
18 EQ In Practice 6 4:17
19 Dynamic Range 05:27
20 Dynamic Range Processors 05:41
21 History of Compressors 02:31
22 Sound of Compressors 04:24
23 Compressors Threshold & Ratio 03:38
24 Compressors Attack & Release 03:19
25 Peak & RMS 03:51
26 Compressing the Kick 06:18
27 Compressing Claps & Snare 04:23
28 Compressing Hat Loop 07:25
29 Compressing Drums Bus 04:22
30 Compressing Bass 03:30
31 Compressing Rhodes 05:43
32 Compressing Vocals 08:20
33 Parallel Compression 04:50
34 Side Chain Compression 03:22
35 Do You Need To Compress? 1:51
36 Module 3 Exercise Files Lyrics
37 Echo Delay 06:20
38 Stereo Delay 04:27
39 Tape Delay 05:27
40 Applying Delays 01:42
41 Delay Designer 08:44
42 Reverb - Early Reflections 05:04
43 Reverb Tail 05:41
44 Space Designer 06:04
45 Modulation - Chorus & Ensemble 04:01
46 Flanger 02:57
47 Tremelo & Exciter 04:43
48 Module 4 Exercise Files Lyrics
49 Getting Ready 03:43
50 Preperations 04:27
51 Mixing Drums 07:07
52 Drums EQ 04:46
53 Percussion EQ 05:08
54 Drums Compression 06:54
55 Percussion Compression 06:03
56 Mixing the bass 04:51
57 Mixing synths 06:51
58 Mixing Strings 05:52
59 Mixing Vocals 10:03
60 Vocal Effects 05:04
61 Mixing Effects 04:09
62 Tidying up the mix 09:16
63 Final Touches 04:07
64 Mastering 09:15
65 What do you think?

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