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Truefire - Chris Buono's Blues Soloing (2010)
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, data-dvd (includes Tabs and Guitar Pro Files), 854x480 (16:9), 901 Kbps, 29.970 fps | 2,57 Gb
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels | Length: 06h 52min

OK bluesmen of the Fire, you've had enough time to get a grip on the 23 blues progressions and 69 rhythm lessons that Chris Buono presented in Guitar Lab: Blues Progressions and so now it's time to start blowing solos over those 69 choruses. And we're going to have to respectfully ask you to strip away those tired old pentatonic lines of yours and prepare to put some fresh flesh on those bones 'cause Buono's pulled out all of the stops on this one.

"No doubt about it - we guitarists LOVE to solo! And what do we love to solo over? The blues, baby! When you're in the zone, there's nothing better than diggin' into a root-position minor pentatonic scale and blowin' lick after lick over a 12-bar I-IV-V at the local jam. But those I-IV-Vs and stock licks tend to grow stale real fast."

Guitar Lab: Blues Progressions, which is still ranked as one of the top TrueFire courses, gives players a fresh range of progressions to call out at the jam or gig. However, the first question a student asks after completing that course is; "Now, how do I solo over these forms?"

"My previous Guitar Lab expanded your repertoire of progressions, voicings and rhythmic moves and so now we'll build up your soloing chops in a hurry as well. So, grab your axe and get a fresh 9-volt in that Tube Screamer - we have work to do!"

In Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing, our very own Professor of the Deep, Chris Buono, shows you how to solo over all 69 choruses of the 23 blues progressions covered in his previous Guitar Lab analyzing every chord and target tone along the way. Chris explains and demonstrates melodic voice leading, motivic development, stationary and movable permutations, repetition, call & response, space and the all important principle of targeting tones.

"The 69 solos that you'll work through were constructed to illustrate the key concepts in the course rather than fancy technique. You'll find them all not only very accessible but also melodic enough to serve as head melodies over the progressions. Consequently, the harmonic and phrasing concepts at work are very easy to identify and pick up on."

"If you haven't already installed the aforementioned 9-volt, get to it because you're gonna need some extra juice for this one!" We'd recommend you pick up a half dozen of those bad boys because you won't want to put down your instrument for quite some time.


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