Buy Cheap Spectrasonics Trilian VSTi AU RTAS for Mac and PC (5 dvds)

$ 69

Trilian is designed from the ground up to be the most versatile
bass virtual instrument available today with a new level of
expressive, real-time performance for acoustic and electric
basses plus cutting-edge synth bass tones with powerful editing
and extraordinary sound quality. Trilian is the successor to
Spectrasonics award-winning Trilogy bass instrument, offering
deeper control of musical expression and much greater
flexibility of sound shaping. Trilians 34GB library is 10-times
the size of Trilogy and features all new acoustic, electric and
synth basses.

Powered by next generation STEAM Engine technology, Trilian is
the first instrument to feature core library integration with
Spectrasonics flagship Omnisphere synth allowing Trilians
sounds to be used within the Omnisphere environment for further
sound design and keyboard/bass splits.

STEAM ENGINE - Performance

The new acoustic and electric basses in Trilian are sampled at
an extremely high level of detail. The combination of the
softwares intuitive, automatic selection of legato and release
articulations as the user plays - and the extensive Round-Robin
variations introduced for natural sounding bass lines with
repeated notes - create a more dynamic and subtle playing
experience. Newly developed multisampled dynamic slides let
notes realistically slide from one to another. Each of the new
basses feature multi-channel mixing between phase-locked
microphone/amplifier and direct outputs of each bass.


Over sixty different 4, 5, 6 and 8 string Electric basses are
presented in fingered, picked, fretless, slapped, tapped, and
muted technique variations providing a huge variety of sounds
for any musical genre. Highlights of the new Electric Basses
include a Music Man 5-string Studio Bass, Chapman Stick, Lakland
Rock P-Bass, Clean Fender Jazz Bass, a Hardcore Rock Bass, a
Retro 1960s Epiphone Viola Bass and much more.

Trilians stunning new Acoustic Bass is the most detailed
instrument Spectrasonics has ever released, with 4 audio
channels and over 21,000 samples to create this single
instrument! All this combined with Trilians high-resolution
streaming of the sounds puts a depth of realism into
performances that is truly inspiring.


For Synth sounds, Trilian features newly-developed 4-Pole Juicy
and Power Filter algorithms with oscillating resonance that are
ideal for electronic bass. Hundreds of synth soundsources were
created using over 30 of the most exotic and coveted hardware
synthesizers from the original Moog Taurus Pedals to the latest
boutique analog modular synthesizers. A multitude of extremely
powerful editing controls are available for sound design
including the FlexMod modulation system, Dual Filters with more
than 19 filter types, 6 multistage looping envelopes, 6
full-featured LFOs, dual morphing modulation, modulatable FX
racks and much more.

Trilians FX racks include all of the renowned FX processors from
Omnisphere and Stylus RMX including a wide variety of amp and
speaker models, distortions, dynamics processors, equalizers,
chorus, phasers, flangers, delays, reverbs, unique specialty FX
and more.


As Spectrasonics' next-generation bass instrument, Trilian
includes enhanced, remastered versions of Trilogys core library
taking it to a new level of sound and expression. As a special
bonus, Spectrasonics original Bass Legends multisamples have
also been remastered and included in the Trilian library,
featuring Marcus Miller, John Patitucci, and Abraham Laboriel
(bass sounds which some hardware synth users may remember from
popular Roland Xpansion boards and the classic MBD-1 rack bass


Trilian is the first virtual instrument to feature core library
integration with Spectrasonics award-winning, flagship
Omnisphere synthesizer. Trilians complete sound library can be
opened within Omnisphere for further synthesis and expanded
performance possibilities.

Trilians Arpeggiator features the Groove Lock technology
Spectrasonics pioneered in Omnisphere and Stylus RMXs Time
Designer which means that with a simple drag and drop action,
the feel of bass patterns created with Trilians Arpeggiator can
be perfectly synchronized between all three of Spectrasonics


The new Custom Controls interface on the Main page of each patch
brings out the most useful and interesting sound modification
controls for that specific patch, and a single control can even
modify numerous parameters to create unique FX. The Custom
Controls are all MIDI Learnable, Automatable and users can
create their own configurations of Custom Controls.

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