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The PRO-53 carries on the tradition from the legendary days
of vintage cult synthesizers. This virtual instrument,
fashioned after the Sequential Circuits.Prophet.5,
provides the sonic properties of the unique originals while
meeting the practical requirements of the present day.

Inspired by the immortal sound of the synthesizer giants of
the eighties, Native Instruments created the PRO-53 to cast
in software those qualities that have been such a major
influence on popular music in the past twenty years:
brilliance, power, warmth and beauty. Through Native
Instruments' creative development philosophy, these
timeless aesthetics have now reached the next step in their
evolution. The result is the manifest re-definition of an
original that was regarded as unrivalled until now.

PRO-53 .The New Version
With the PRO-53, the third generation of the virtual analog
classic is now available. The synthesizer emulation has
been vastly improved by a new oscillator technology that
offers an even warmer and more brilliant sound. In addition
the sonic possibilities have been expanded even further
with new features like a high-pass filter mode and an
invertible filter envelope. The control surface was also
reworked and now shines in a whole new light.

Using Native Instruments' highly advanced NSP-Technology
(Native Signal Processing) it is possible to generate a
software synthesizer that rivals its legendary hardware
predecessors. The Native Instruments PRO-53 sets new
standards without denying its origins.
What's new: no fixed limit to the number of voices, many
more savable preset slots, velocity sensitivity, MIDI
automation of all available parameters, an additional
effects section, a high-pass filter mode, invertible filter
envelope, audio input, LFO-envelope retrigger, and the
option to run several PRO-53s in parallel.

The PRO-53 is able to import Prophet-5.SysEx sound data,
which means it can read and accurately reproduce all the
existing sound libraries made for the original. The subtle
deviations from perfect behaviour, which are typical of
analog circuits and crucial to the sound, can now be

The huge sound library gives the PRO-53 plenty of material
for all kinds of musical styles: 512 selected classic and
modern analog sounds cover any possibility.
64 of these sounds have already been programmed for the
previous version by synthesizer legend John Bowen, one of
the creators of the Prophet.5 synthesizer. In addition,
PRO-53 comes with 64 new sound presets, which were
specially designed to take advantage of PRO-53's new features.

512 preset memory slots are available where you can store
your own sound creations. The PRO-53 displays a name for
each of the presets, unlike the original which only
displayed the preset number.


A built-in effects unit adds multi-echo and ultra-fat
chorus and flanging effects. This makes the sound of the
PRO-53 'complete' for both live performance and studio
production. The included preset sounds make extensive use
of the effects. The PRO-53 also has an audio input for
processing external audio signals through its filters and

The Native Instruments PRO-53 integrates perfectly into any
computer based virtual studio by supporting the interfaces
VST., Audio Units. DXi.and RTAS. It can be used as a
sequencer plug-in or as a stand-alone synthesizer. It is
possible to run several PRO-53 plug-in instances in parallel.

Top Features

* Authentic emulation of the legendary Prophet-5.
analog synthesizer
* 576 selected classic and modern analog sounds included
* 2 oscillators per voice, choice of pulse, triangle
and saw-tooth waveforms
* Oscillator detune and synchronization
* 24dB low-pass filter with resonance and self
oscillation, additional high-pass filter mode
* ADSR envelopes for amplitude and filter, invertible
filter envelope
* Low Frequency Oscillator with numerous modulation
options, LFO-envelope retrigger function
* Fully compatible with Prophet.5 MIDI-SysEx program data
* Input for external audio signals
* Effects unit for chorus, flanging and echo,

Import and Compatibility
SysEx Data of Prophet-5.

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