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Mark Struthers

Get up and running with Cubase, the venerable DAW that produces cutting-edge sounds. In this training course, Mark Struthers introduces the most essential features in Cubase Pro 8, including the templates, which allow you to fast track your song ideas, and the Project window, which helps keep your tracks and other assets organized. He also covers techniques for recording audio and MIDI, integrating virtual instruments and effects, and working with compositional aids such as chord tracks and chord pads. Plus, learn how to produce and export polished projects from the Mix Console. At the end of this course, you'll be able to fully integrate Cubase into your digital audio workflow.

Introduction 4m 20s
Welcome 1m 4s
What you should know before watching this course 2m 7s
Using the exercise files 1m 9s
1. Getting Started 1h 21m
Installing and connecting Cubase 4m 20s
Start with Steinberg Hub to choose from templates 3m 44s
Creating a first project 7m 4s
Exploring the user interface 4m 34s
Using the Project window to organize assets 5m 10s
Structuring with Folder tracks 5m 14s
Investigating preferences for user ease 5m 49s
Navigating the inspector for familiarity of functions 7m 17s
Importing existing files from the pool 4m 58s
Organizing tracks for clarity and convenience 5m 33s
Displaying track controls 6m 1s
Playback and transport options 4m 51s
Inputting with the virtual keyboard 4m 37s
Exploring the Media Bay 8m 30s
Creating a VSTi from the Media Bay 3m 45s
2. Project Essentials 1h 49m
Starting with a project template 4m 5s
Using parts and events as basic building blocks 5m 51s
Recording MIDI to build the project 6m 23s
Recording audio 8m 4s
Adapting and improving recording in Cycle mode 11m 43s
Preparing a mix 5m 56s
Adjusting MIDI to aid VSTi performances 5m 42s
A first look at the Drum Editor 8m 1s
Project enhancing with track handling 10m 21s
Adapting track height and using Notepad 4m 26s
Using markers for swift timeline movement 4m 59s
Manage takes with track versions and lanes 5m 52s
Introducing effects to improve recordings 7m 31s
Incorporating insert effects on vocals 4m 17s
Using the Plugin Manager 9m 48s
Utilizing send effects 6m 4s
3. Editing 1h 13m
Track visibility for convenience 4m 32s
Using quantization to tighten performance 7m 14s
Utilizing audio processing to improve sonics 6m 25s
Stripping out dead air with the Detect Silence function 6m 17s
Forensic audio editing with the Sample Editor 4m 34s
Improving tuning issues with VariAudio 5m 41s
Extracting MIDI with VariAudio 8m 30s
Adding different VST instruments to remix existing performances 6m 39s
Building musical sequences with the Chord Track 6m 49s
Integrate Chord Track and Chord Pads to aid in composition 4m 35s
Develop song ideas with Chord Pads 6m 47s
Take the strain off your CPU with Render in Place 5m 39s
4. Mix Console 27m 8s
Configuring the Mix Console to produce finished projects 9m 44s
Using channel strips to modify individual tracks 6m 56s
Evaluating and controlling levels with meters 6m 49s
Use metering for export 3m 39s
Conclusion 1m 5s
Next steps 1m 5s

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