Buy Cheap KinetciSoundPrism Virtualworld Impulse Collection WAV

$ 10

Publisher: KinetciSoundPrism
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

The impulses listed below all work in all known Convolution reverb plugins including Space designer , Sir , Steinberg reverence , Altiverb , Waves Ir-1 etc.
The impulses for sale in the pack were recorded at 24/48 and using high end ad/da and we think offer a unique and colourfull collection of spaces well suited to immersive music recording and production aswell as deeper forms of ambient music and electronica but eually at home being used to add subtle space and track localisation to all forms of music.
The collection includes Outdoor spaces , Dsp designed architectural spaces , Eventide H8000 and H3000 fx , Vintage hardware fx , Microspaces , Psychoacoustic treatments , Roland Rss10 reverbs , Virtualworld designed spaces and many others.
The Pack was designed to cover all aspects of reverb treatment but includes many fx totally unique to us and which when used well in mixes can add amazing definition between tracks in a mix and also push sounds beyond speakers and into many interesting headspaces.

Alesis quadraverb
Midiverb Ambience 1
Midiverb Ambience 2
Midiverb Ambience 3
Midiverb Ambience 4
Midiverb Ambience 5
Midiverb Brightspace
Midiverb Darkspace
Midiverb Hall bright
Midiverb Hall dark
Midiverb Hall warm
Midiverb Plate 1
Midiverb Plate 2
Midiverb Plate 3
Midiverb Plate 4
Midiverb Plate 5
Midiverb Small hall 1
Quadraverb Blue room
Quadraverb Bodmin
Quadraverb Cathedral
Quadraverb cloudworld
Quadraverb Crystal room
Quadraverb Endora
Quadraverb Forest
Quadraverb Hall 1
Quadraverb Hall 2
Quadraverb Hangerland
Quadraverb heaven
Quadraverb Infinity room
Quadraverb Infinity space
Quadraverb Lexicon
Quadraverb Nightskys
Quadraverb Palace
Quadraverb Penwith
Quadraverb Polygon space
Quadraverb Quantec space
Quadraverb Rich chamber
Quadraverb Silver dawn
Quadraverb Snowspace
Quadraverb Taj
Quadraverb The glade
Quadraverb Xeti
Quadraverb Xylon room
Eventide H3000 Space
200 miles high
Box verb
Brass plate
Dark hall
Deep sea
Dense canyon
Drum space
On land
Paper plate
Rich plate
Swell verb
The hanger
Uk verb
Warm hall
Eventide H8000 Enviroments
Acoustic room
Alpha centauri
Aluvian plex
Aqua verb
Arabian reverse
Artificial room
Chamber of illusions
Chapel of light
Cleamountain spatial
Close non linear
Crystal caves
Desert canyon
Early reflections
Eden domes
Emt chamber
Emt steel room
Enchanted glade
Epsilon forest
Future lounge
Future room
Garden halo
Gated room
Glass box
Glass citadel
Hampi temple
Java temple
Jungle ambience
Jurassic space
Lattice array
Location mic
Micro box
Nodens ictus
Non linear
Outdoors in summer
Plex diff verb
Rainbow space
Reel room
Reflective ambience
Reverse nonlinear
Sancreed church
Silver cube
Simple diffusor
Soft room
Space station room
Spring meadow
Standard plate
Tate st ives
The cube
The white lakes
Thick ambience
Thx theatre
Treetops forever
Tropical forest
Uk ambience
Uk linear
Walled garden
White room
World of metals
Eventide H8000 Space
Alpha centauri
Ambience deep
Arena soundtrack
Astral meadows
Black hole
Blue ocean
Catacomb 1
Catacomb 2
Deep blue sea
Dream chamber
Dream hall
Echo falls
EMT 140 a
EMT 140 b
Emt 140 plate
Emt space
Frozen world
Future city
Glass domes
Harmonic field
Infinite garden
Infinite spring verb
Infinity and beyond
Italos space
Large ambience
Lexi land
Lexi plate
Lexicon space
Massive plate
Night verb
Old plate
Pcm 70 + emt 140
Pcm 70 + tape echo
Pcm concert hall
Pcm Reichland
Pcm sax hall
Pure space
Rich plate
Rmx space
Shifting space 1
Shifting space 2
Solar fields
Space cathedrals
Space meadow
Summerset hills
Tape and spring space
The clearlight
The mall
Vast metal plates
Virtual space
Outdoor spaces
Autumn forest
Block party
Deep forest
Deep valley
Dome forest
Echo beach
Emerald forest
German forest 1
German forest 2
German forest 3
German forest 4
German forest 5
German forest 6
German forest 7
German forest 8
Hill farm
Indoors out
Inside out
Outdoor pa 1
Outdoor pa 2
Outdoors 1
Outdoors 2
Pine forest 1
Pine forest 10
Pine forest 11
Pine forest 2
Pine forest 3
Pine forest 4
Pine forest 5
Pine forest 6
Pine forest 7
Pine forest 8
Pine forest 9
Pygmy forest
Spring forest
Synthetic forest
The amazon
Uk Forest
Wood hollow
3d delays
3d duophonic
Bedini echos
Hrt delay 2
Kyma 3d head 2
Kyma hass
Kyma headset verb
Kyma spatial 1
Kyma spatializer
Spread delay
Srs htrf
Stereo field
Surround sound
Roland Rss10
Aeonic space
Aqua chamber
Dark space hall
Ghost chamber
Metal cube
Platinum mirror
Reflector room
Water tank
Spektral rooms
3d dry
Acheoic chamber
African headcharge
Alloy cube
Am modulator
Aqua 1
Aqua 2
Aqua granulator
Blue cube
Chaotic pan 10
Crystal space
Cube 1
Cube 2
Cyborg room
Drs 78 cube
Emt metal room
Fragulator 1
Frosted radio light
Future room
Galaxon cube
Galaxon room
Harmonic colours
Kyma wavey plate
Kyma alloy chime
Kyma arc vocoder
Kyma Arcus chamber 1
Kyma Arcus chamber 2
Kyma Arcus chamber 3
Marsh man
Metalic cube
Micro room
Microspace 1
Nice room
Perspex clear
Phased resonator
Platinum cube
platinum mirror
Prismatic cube
Ran divide
reflective room
Resonation chamber
Robot room
RSS aqua chamber
Shape navigator
Soft room
Star chamber
Tetsu space 2
Tron room
Virtual room 1
Virtual room 2
Water room
White triangulatory
Xeon pipe
Zircon cube
Spektral sfx
Additive sweep
Beautifull chaos 1
Beautifull chaos 2
Beautifull chaos 3
Beautifull chaos 4
Buffer underrun
Chaotic pan 11
Chaotic pan 12
Chaotic pan 13
Chaotic pan 14
Chaotic pan 15
Chaotic pan 4
Chaotic pan 5
Chaotic pan 6
Chaotic pan 7
Chaotic pan 8
Chaotic pan 9
Crysalis 1
Crysalis 2
Dragonfly cloud
Enviromental studies
Filteration echo
Fractal flowers
Globular clusters
Granulator 1
Granulator 2
Granulator 3
Klingon radio
Kyma underwater
Kyma glisten wave
Metalurgic space
Polygonal echo
Radio cross modulator
Reaktor core 1
Reaktor core 2
Sci fi echoplex
Silicon and moss
Sliding gliding world
Space echo 1
Space echo 2
Sparkling echos
System architect 1
Time granulator
Triptamin worlds
Venisian echo
Whale world
Springs and things
30 feet tank 1
Akg Bx10 a
Akg Bx10 b
Akg Bx10 c
Akg Bx10 d
Akg Bx22 a
Akg Bx22 b
Akg Bx22 e
Csr plate 1
Csr plate 2
Csr plate 3
Csr plate 4
Ems vcs3 a
Ems vcs3 b
Ems vcs3 c
Fender Super 1
Fender Super 2
Fisher Spacexpander 1
Fisher Spacexpander 2
Fisher Spacexpander 3
Fisher Spacexpander 4
Fisher Spacexpander 5
Furman Rv1
Great british spring
Guitar amp 1
Guitar amp 2
Homemade 1
Homemade 2
Magnatone 480 a
Magnatone 480 b
Magnatone 480 d
Orban 111 a
Orban 111 b
Orban 111 c
Orban 111 d
Orban 111 e
Orban 111 f
Orban 111 g
Speaker spring reverb
Spring reverb box
Tube spring
Tubeworks Realtube a
Tubeworks Realtube b
Tubeworks Realtube c
Tubeworks Realtube d
Tubeworks Realtube e
Tubeworks Realtube f
Vintage spring 1
Vintage spring 10
Vintage spring 2
Vintage spring 3
Vintage spring 4
Vintage spring 5
Vintage spring 6
Vintage spring 7
Vintage spring 8
Vintage spring 9
Vintage fx
Amx Rmx 1
Amx Rmx 2
Amx Rmx 3
Amx Rmx 4
Amx Rmx 5
Amx Rmx 6
Amx Rmx 7
Amx Rmx 8
Amx Rmx Ambience 1
Amx Rmx Ambience 2
Amx Rmx Ambience 3
Amx Rmx Ambience 4
Amx Rmx Hall 1
Amx Rmx Hall 2
Amx Rmx Hall 3
Amx Rmx Hall 4
Amx Rmx Non linear 1
Amx Rmx Non linear 2
Amx Rmx Plate 1
Amx Rmx Plate 2
Amx Rmx Reverse 1
Amx Rmx Reverse 2
Amx Rmx Room 1
Amx Rmx Room 2
Emt 140 a
Emt 140 b
Emt 140 c
Emt 140 d
Emt 244 a
Emt 244 b
Emt 244 c
Emt 244 d
Emt 250 a
Emt 250 b
Emt 250 c
Emt 250 d
Emt 250 e
Emt 250 f
Emt 250 g
Emt 250 h
Emt 250 i
Emt 250 j
Emt 250 k
emt 250 l
emt 250 m
emt 250 n
Virtual Enviroments
Crystal pyramid
Dark palace
Down a hole
Emt gold plate
Glass chamber
Golden temple
In the room
Lhasa temple
Lounge 1
Lounge 2
Lounge 3
Marble maze
Nasa chamber
Open cathedral
Pure plate
Roman temple
Room in the future
Round sphere
Shattered citadel
Solar plate
Space dock
Space is deep
Space room
Space station
Tate st ives
Templars chapel
Thx room
Turrell chamber
Utopian church
Utopian spring
White cube
Virtual Micro
CarInterior 1
City room
Coffee Mug
Dry 1
Dry 2
Dry Room
Dry Room 1
Dry Room 2
Dry Room 3
Eq 1
Eq 2
Eq 3
Eq 4
Ghost verb
Glass Vase 1
Headphone verb
Hemisync verb
In head
Jans room 2
Jans room 1
Living Room
Megaphone 1
Megaphone 2
Raylon room
Small ambiance
small foley blue
Tiled Room
Ursa room
Very Small
Very Small A
Very Small Ambience
Very Small B
Very Small C
Vocal Booth
walk in closet
Window 1
Window 2
Wine Glass
Wooden Box
Virtual Space
2001 mall
480 infinity
A long way from home
bowed space
bowed space_dc
Celestial sanctum
Desert plain
Dome forest
Dome of ull
Dome wood
Eno's place
Ice worlds
Infinite reaktor
Middle earth
Nebula space
Pcm 70 hall 1
Pcm 70 infinity
Sky palace
Sky spaces
sphere space
The clearlight
The deep
Vast dome
Waterloo fields
White cathedrals

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