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Luke Oswald

Expert drum instructor Luke Oswald breaks down Native Instrument's powerful STUDIO DRUMMER software in this comprehensive video tutorial series. Learn every aspect and how you can use this software with your electronic kit and DAW of choice!
Luke begins with an overview of the Kit and Groove windows within STUDIO DRUMMER, and then explains the basic functionality of the Options and Mixer windows.
After that, he focuses on the Grooves Window, and then dives deep into all of the things that you can do with MIDI Grooves, such as playing them, quantizing them for various feel options, adjusting velocity and tempo, and more.
Luke then reveals how to use MIDI grooves to help you audition drum kits and mix presets, and then focuses on the Options window, and demonstrates how you can adjust settings for Velocity Curve and Range, create custom maps, and use the randomize function to create truly unique performances.
The Kit windows is next, and you'll discover how you can access mixer presets and MIDI grooves in the Kit window, along with selecting drums and auditioning samples. He teaches you how to map individual articulations and load and reload kits and individual drums. He also dives into specific drum kits, such as the Stadium Kit, Session Kit, and Garage Kit.
Luke explains the Mixer window next, and goes over the included mixer presets to get a mix-ready drum sound, and covers mixing in depth, demonstrating the faders, reverb types, available effects, effects channels, dynamic effects, and much more.
You'll then see how to load and save your own channel effects presets and how to save and load presets for the entire application. Luke demonstrates everything he covers by showing you how to create a custom mix using the Stadium Kit, Session Kit, and Garage Kit.
Finally, Luke shows you how to set up STUDIO DRUMMER for multi-channel output, and how to check the panning and stereo width of each multi-out channel.
Whether you're a new or experienced user of Native Instruments STUDIO DRUMMER, don't miss \"STUDIO DRUMMER Explained\"!

6:23 Tutorial 1 Overview Pt. 1
7:51 Tutorial 2 Overview Pt. 2
Grooves Window
3:09 Tutorial 3 Playing MIDI Groove Files
1:43 Tutorial 4 Auditioning Drum Kits & Mix Presets
1:19 Tutorial 5 Using Groove MIDI To Adjust OH & Room Levels
2:45 Tutorial 6 MIDI Groove Feel Adjustments
3:25 Tutorial 7 Using The Grid To Adjust Tightness/Swing Parameters
2:32 Tutorial 8 Velocity Adjustments & Tempo Settings
2:54 Tutorial 9 Using MIDI Grooves Within Your DAW
Options Window
2:09 Tutorial 10 MIDI Mapping Explained
2:49 Tutorial 11 Velocity Curve Adjustments
4:49 Tutorial 12 Velocity Range Adjustments
2:25 Tutorial 13 Mapping Presets
2:54 Tutorial 14 Manual Mapping Adjustments
1:23 Tutorial 15 Saving/Deleting Mapping Presets
1:47 Tutorial 16 Kit View Options
2:44 Tutorial 17 Randomize Options: Volume Adjustments
1:17 Tutorial 18 Randomize Options: Velocity Adjustments
3:04 Tutorial 19 Randomize Options: Time, Pitch & Tone Adjustments
Kit Window
2:16 Tutorial 20 Mixer Presets in the Kit Window
0:54 Tutorial 21 MIDI Groove Player
1:37 Tutorial 22 Drum Selection & Auditioning Samples
2:26 Tutorial 23 Mapping Individual Articulations
1:30 Tutorial 24 Unloading/Reloading Instruments
3:43 Tutorial 25 OH & Room Mix Adjustments
1:12 Tutorial 26 Tuning & Pitch Adjustments
6:04 Tutorial 27 Envelope Settings
6:33 Tutorial 28 Kit Sounds
Mixer Window
1:53 Tutorial 29 Mixer Presets in the Mixer Window
2:47 Tutorial 30 Fader Adjustments, Solo/Mute Options & Panning
7:01 Tutorial 31 Reverb Sends & Types
0:43 Tutorial 32 Channel FX Overview
2:04 Tutorial 33 EQ Parameter Overview
1:29 Tutorial 34 EQ Adjustment Examples
3:26 Tutorial 35 Compressor Parameter Overview
1:19 Tutorial 36 Compression Examples
1:05 Tutorial 37 Transient Master Parameter Overview
2:37 Tutorial 38 Transient Master Examples
1:13 Tutorial 39 Tape Saturator Parameter Overview
2:04 Tutorial 40 Tape Saturator Examples
0:51 Tutorial 41 FX Chain Arrangement
2:50 Tutorial 42 Loading Channel FX Presets
2:19 Tutorial 43 Saving Channel FX Presets
2:30 Tutorial 44 Individual Microphone Adjustments
2:50 Tutorial 45 Saving & Loading Entire Studio Drummer Presets
2:20 Tutorial 46 Routing Basics
3:31 Tutorial 47 Stadium Kit Custom Mix
5:39 Tutorial 48 Session Kit Custom Mix
5:52 Tutorial 49 Garage Kit Custom Mix
Multi-Channel Output
6:20 Tutorial 50 Setting Up KONTAKT Player For Multi-Channel Output
4:40 Tutorial 51 Multi-Out Setup Within STUDIO DRUMMER
10:18 Tutorial 52 Checking The Panning

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