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Finale PrintMusic is music notation software designed for educators, worship directors, performing musicians, composers and arrangers who don’t require the most advanced features in Finale. PrintMusic is easy to use and fun to learn. Quickly create orchestrations of up to 24 staves, extract parts, hear your music play back, and print beautiful sheet music.

With PrintMusic, you are capable of more.

From lead sheets to jazz band scores, from guitar tablature to percussion notation, PrintMusic gives you the all the necessary tools.

Create scores with up to 24 staves. Extract individual parts from your scores. Want more lyric verses? Need a one-line staff? Every step of the way you have professional tools at your fingertips. A wide variety of music fonts—offering engraved and handwritten appearances—are included, and fonts and other preferences are easily accessed simply by selecting a different document style library.

PrintMusic boasts more than 30 ready-made, customizable music education worksheets. Designed for K-12 students, these educator-approved worksheets help teach basic elements of music. Subjects covered include clefs, scales, key signatures, circle of fifths and more.

Also included are classroom repertoire examples and more than 100 flashcards designed to print double-sided (with the answers on the back) for classroom use or self-quizzing. Because they’re provided as PrintMusic files it’s easy to edit them to your specific needs and print them out, or distribute them via email to be printed by students with the free Finale NotePad.

New Features in PrintMusic 2014
- New file format. Designed to improve compatibility, the new format for documents created in PrintMusic helps you share your music more easily. Older documents are automatically converted when you open them, and you will be prompted to save the file in the new format. You can also export your document to the older format for use in Finale 2012 products (use MusicXML for earlier versions such as PrintMusic 2011).
- Improved instrument handling with Score Manager. PrintMusic includes a new instrument paradigm that establishes a relationship between all attributes of score instruments, including staff attributes and sound assignments. As you add, remove, reorder, or change instruments, PrintMusic updates group brackets for instrument families automatically. Administer complete control over score instruments in one convenient, modeless window. Score Manager takes care of the details – controlling how your staves look and sound – so you don’t have to. Easily change a flute staff to a clarinet staff. The Score Manager knows how a clarinet staff transposes, looks, and sounds, so it makes all the necessary arrangements.
- Easy playback sound assignment. In addition to selecting sounds in the Score Manager, you can allow PrintMusic to automatically assign sounds to your score instruments according to a priority list that you specify.
- Easy hidden staves. PrintMusic makes it easy to hide staves in your whole score or selected regions. For staves without music, simply choose Staff > Hide Empty Staves. Additionally, staves are now hidden using a \"collapse\" method in which other staves are automatically repositioned vertically.
- Beat-attached Smart Shapes. Smart Shapes that previously attached to measures now attach to beats (in the same manner as expressions) with lines showing the attachment point. Beat attachment allows a Smart Shape start or end point to attach to a particular note, beat, or right barline. Affected Smart Shapes include hairpins, trills and trill extensions, 8va/8vb (ottava/ottava bassa), horizontal brackets, and lines. These Smart Shapes in older documents converted to the 2014 format retain their original locations and are automatically attached to the nearest beat.
- Mid-measure clef changes. You can now change clefs in a staff in the middle of a measure.
- Hidden key signatures with accidentals. You can now easily hide key signatures and continue to automatically display accidentals per staff using the Hide key signature/Show accidentals option.
- Smart multi-layer accidental and rest handling. Rests of the same duration and accidentals on unison notes in multiple layers now are displayed only once. Accidentals in one layer are also carried through the measure for all other layers (these can optionally be displayed in Staff Attributes).
- Accessible text inserts. You no longer need to venture into a dialog box to edit text inserts (such as the title, composer, or arranger). You can now edit them directly in the score like a regular text box. When you do so, the text insert's definition is updated respectively. Undefined text inserts do not print.
- New Finale Lyrics Font. This font improves lyric spacing, and is the new default for scores created with the Document Setup Wizard.
- Range checking. PrintMusic now alerts you when notes are outside of an instrument's range.
- Automatic transposition while copying. Music is now pasted into the most appropriate octave when copied between instruments of different registers. Also, music is transposed into the most appropriate register when changing instruments with the Score Manager.
- Auto-numbered instruments. Instruments in categorical sections (Flute 1, Flute 2, etc.) are now numbered automatically when creating new files. This feature can also be switched off.
- Graphics tool improvements. Multiple changes to the Graphics tool make it more versatile. The selection rectangle is now movable and resizable and snaps to grids/guides, dragging can be constrained to scale by holding SHIFT, and PDFs can be imported as graphics.
- Auto-detect MIDI Devices. PrintMusic now identifies external MIDI devices as soon as you plug them in. No setup required!
- Unicode Support. PrintMusic now recognizes and displays Unicode font characters.
- Improvements to opening files. All readable file types are displayed in the Open dialog box. Additionally, MusicXML files can now be dragged-and-dropped onto the Finale application.
- Worksheets, repertoire, and manuscript paper. Ten titles of Classroom Repertoire are provided, including Bach Inventions, traditional and holiday titles, and more. Two Music Manuscript documents are included as well. Print either the grand staff or generic example to have music manuscript handy for note taking or inspiration even when you’re away from the computer.
- MusicXML 3.0. PrintMusic supports the latest MusicXML technology, including instrument knowledge and Unicode.
- Improved Scanning/SmartScore Lite Enhancements. PrintMusic includes SmartScore Lite version X2, offering improved notation recognition.
- PDF Export. Save your document, or a selected portion of it, as a PDF directly from PrintMusic.
- Revert to last saved version. A new command in the File menu reverts the current document to its last saved version.
- Auto-recovery. Unsaved data is now recovered after a hang or system failure.
- New method for PrintMusic updates. At launch, PrintMusic automatically checks for updates. Instead of requiring you to download and install the updates manually from the Finale website, PrintMusic now downloads and installs the updates automatically.

Interface Changes in PrintMusic 2014
- Program Options renamed. To access the Preferences, choose Edit > Preferences.
- Lead Sheet renamed. To start a blank document, choose File > New > Default Document.
- File menu reorganization. Several File menu commands have been moved into new Import and Export submenus, and several new commands have been added.
- Undefined text inserts appearance. Undefined text inserts, such as those that appear in the first page header after finishing the Setup Wizard, are now gray in color, indicating they will not print. You can update these inserts directly in the score using the Text tool.
- Consolidation of many staff-related commands in new Score Manager. These commands include options previously found in the Instrument List, Staff Attributes dialog box, File > File Info, Staff > New Staves, Staff > Delete Staves, and Staff> Reorder Staves. It also adds the option for Hide Key Signature & Show Accidentals.
- External MIDI Instruments. To assign non-General MIDI sounds to score instruments, in the Score Manager, click the drop-down arrow in a slot under the Sound column and choose Edit Patch. (MIDI \"instruments\" as defined in PrintMusic 2011 and before, and accompanying instrument libraries, are not available in PrintMusic 2014).
- Managing VST plug-ins. PrintMusic now uses an audio engine that automatically scans the audio plug-ins in the directories you specify when you launch the program.
- File Utilities palette removal. This palette, which duplicated commands available in PrintMusic's menus, have been removed to free up screen space.
- Improvements to tool palettes, Mixer and Scroll View. The tool palettes and Mixer have been updated for clearer control. Staff names are fully visible and remain to the far left when zooming and scrolling in Scroll View.
- MicNotator removal. This includes removal of the input section of the Audio Setup dialog box and affects the various note entry methods (Simple Entry, Speedy Entry, and HyperScribe).
- Support for preexisting files with keyless key signatures. If a staff in a document created in Finale 2014 has a key signature set to keyless, this will be indicated by an italicized \"Keyless\" in the Key Signature dialog box.
- Open dialog box display of All Readable Files. By default, the Open dialog box now displays all file types that PrintMusic can open.
- Menu order unification. The order in which menus display in PrintMusic has been aligned so that they appear identical on Mac and Windows.
- Preset metronome click sound. A uniform sound has replaced the MIDI channel/note options for the metronome click in the Click and Countoff dialog box.
- Changes to time signature context menus. Common time and cut time have been added to the Selection tool and Time Signature tool's context menus.
- Send Patches Before Playback movement. Previously appearing in the Instrument List window, the command “Send Patches to MIDI Device on Playback” now appears in the MIDI menu.
- PrintMusic 2004 shortcut set removal. This antiquated option for Simple Entry has been removed.
- Unlocking systems. A new command for clearing system locks, “Unlock Systems”, appears in the Utilities menu.

System Requirements
Windows Vista/7/8 32-bit (64-bit compatible). Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon, Intel i3 or AMD Athlon II X2 or above preferred. 700MB hard drive space required for software and user manual.

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