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\"Pro Tools | First\" is free. And, if you’re new to Pro Tools we’ve created this Absolute Beginner’s Guide to get you started on the right “track”. So learn Pro Tools with this essential, step-by-step course by Booker Edwards. Pro Tools is, still, the recording industry standard for recording and producing music. It’s taught at universities and pro audio schools the world over. But if you’re new to Pro Tools, where do you start learning this complex DAW? Well, how about right here?!
This is not a light-weight course. The 57-videos in this Pro Tools 12 Absolute Beginner’s Guide cover everything you need to know to give yourself a very strong foundation on how this ubiquitous DAW works. You learn all the fundamental skills you need to confidently create music, record audio and MIDI and run full sessions. Completing this course assures that you’ll be ready to dive deeper into the the Pro Tools way of making music, recording audio and post production!
So, if you don’t own Pro Tools, go to the site and download the free version of Pro Tools 12. Then, cue up this 57-tutorial course and start on your way to learning the world of Pro Tools. Once you've watched this course, dive even deeper by watching all the Pro Tools courses available in our extensive library!

01 Welcome (01:33)
02 Purchasing Pro Tools: Pt. 1 (05:01)
03 Purchasing Pro Tools: Pt. 2 (06:37)
04 System Configurations (07:28)
05 Creating a New Session (07:18)
06 Session Files & Folders (04:21)
07 Edit Window Overview (05:34)
08 Edit Modes: Pt. 1 (06:45)
09 Edit Modes: Pt. 2 (06:46)
10 Zoom Buttons (07:01)
11 Edit Tools Shortcuts (02:51)
12 Zoom Tool (06:39)
13 Trim Tool (02:52)
14 TC/E Trim Tool (07:51)
15 Loop Trim Tool (04:27)
16 Selector Tool (03:03)
17 Grabber Tool (02:21)
18 Separation Grabber (01:07)
19 Object Grabber (01:28)
20 Scrubber Tool (04:16)
21 Pencil Tool (05:27)
22 Smart Tool (02:40)
23 Linking Timeline & Edits: Pt. 1 (03:39)
24 Linking Timeline & Edits: Pt. 2 (03:34)
25 Linking Timeline & Edits: Pt. 3 (02:09)
26 Counters & Indicators (04:00)
27 Transport (08:22)
28 Time Base & Conductor Rulers (04:11)
29 Universe View (03:09)
30 Tracks View (Controls): Pt. 1 (05:24)
31 Tracks View (Controls): Pt. 2 (03:49)
32 Tracks List (03:58)
33 Clips List (05:31)
34 Edit Groups (07:12)
35 Tracks: Pt. 1 (05:45)
36 Tracks: Pt. 2 (07:32)
37 Tracks: Pt. 3 (03:37)
38 Tracks: Pt. 4 (05:43)
39 Tracks: Pt. 5 (03:23)
40 MIDI Editor Window (08:19)
41 Video Track (03:44)
42 Channel Strips: Pt. 1 (08:51)
43 Channel Strips: Pt. 2 (07:01)
44 Sub-Groups (06:47)
45 Mix Groups (03:29)
46 Realtime vs. AudioSuite Plugins (08:24)
47 Playback Engine (02:55)
48 I/O Setup (05:03)
49 Normal Record Mode (07:54)
50 Quick Punch Record Mode (04:25)
51 Destructive Record Mode (02:42)
52 Loop Record Mode (07:51)
53 Importing Audio: Pt. 1 (06:17)
54 Importing Audio: Pt. 2 (05:05)
55 Save Copy As (06:14)
56 Exporting Tracks (06:24)
57 Bouncing (06:56)

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