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Pro Tools 11's bundled Effect Plug-ins are a huge part of the recording experience. They’re inserted on almost every channel strip when you’re tracking, mixing and mastering! In this rock-solid course – designed by audio engineer Joe Albano – they are explained and examined in great detail. Master your tools!
Avid’s Pro Tools 11 comes with over 50 bundled plug-ins. From equalizers to amp simulators, it's jammed with tools that can handle almost every recording and mixing situation. This course – presented in great detail by ProTools expert Joe Albano – puts these plug-ins through the rigors of pro audio processing, teaching you everything you need to know to use them confidently in your production work.
Joe divides this course into several discrete audio sections: EQ, Dynamics, Reverb, Delay/Modulation, Distortion, Imaging and more. In each section, he first explains the underlying audio concepts that are unique to the section. This serves to give the plugins a frame of reference that is essential to understanding their behavior. Then, he dives deep into each section’s plug-ins to show you how, when and why to deploy them!
Effect plug-ins are powerful tools, yet they are one of the most overlooked and misunderstood areas of a rock-solid ProTools education. We urge you to spend some time watching this in-depth course to master the audio concepts that make these plug-ins a huge part of your “pro” audio production toolbox.

01 Introduction to Pro Tools 11 Plug-Ins; The Plug-In Header (04:49)
02 Audio Basics (06:24)
03 Introduction to the EQ3 7-Band: Filters (04:33)
04 Introduction to the EQ3 7-Band: Parametric Bands & I/O (03:42)
05 EQ'ing Individual Instruments - Part I (07:17)
06 EQ'ing Individual Instruments - Part II (04:45)
07 EQ in Context of a Mix (07:10)
08 The EQ3 1-Band, Channel Strip EQ, & AIR EQ (04:32)
09 Introduction to Dynamics Plug-Ins (03:39)
10 Compression Basics (06:50)
11 Dyn3 Compressor/Limiter: Controls - Part I (07:46)
12 Dyn3 Compressor/Limiter: Controls - Part II (05:18)
13 Compression as an Effect (Attack & Release) (05:12)
14 The BF-76 Compressor Plug-In (05:41)
15 Maxim (Brickwall Limiter-Loudness Maximizer) (07:04)
16 Side-Chain Compression: The Dyn3 De-Esser (04:57)
17 Side-Chain Compression: Ducking (03:06)
18 The Dyn3 Expander/Gate (07:19)
19 Introduction to Reverb Plug-Ins; Reverb Basics (03:47)
20 Reverb Hookup: Send & Return Wiring (07:12)
21The D-Verb: Controls & Use (05:38)
22 The D-Verb: Algorithms & Use (06:45)
23 The AIR Reverb: Controls & Use (07:23)
24 The AIR Spring & Non-Linear Reverbs (02:18)
25 Reverbs In Use: Multiple Reverbs in a Mix (04:39)
26 Introduction to Delay Plug-Ins; Delay Basics (02:01)
27 The Mod-Delay III: Basics; Controls (04:29)
28 The Mod-Delay III: Flanging (03:30)
29 The Mod-Delay III: Chorusing & Doubling (05:13)
30 The Mod-Delay III: Echo (04:34)
31 The AIR Dynamic Delay & Multi-Delay (07:33)
32 The AIR Flanger, Phaser, & Chorus Plug-Ins (07:21)
33 The AIR Mod Plug-Ins: Vintage Filter & Fuzz-Wah (06:20)
34 The AIR Mod Plug-Ins: Filter Gate & Talkbox (04:59)
35 The AIR Mod Plug-Ins: Sci-Fi (03:27)
36 Introduction to Distortion (Harmonic) Plug-Ins (03:00)
37 Eleven Free: Setup (04:02)
38 Eleven Free: The Amp Sims (07:02)
39 The SansAmp PSA-1 Plug-In (03:37)
40 The AIR Distortion & Enhancer Plug-Ins (05:08)
41 Recti-Fi, Lo-Fi, & AIR Lo-Fi (06:42)
42 AIR Stereo Width (07:11)
43 AutoPan (04:46)
44 AIR Frequency Shifter (04:18)
45 Plug-Ins: Trim, InTune, & Signal Generator (05:44)
46 Mastering Plug-Ins: Master Meter & Dither (06:22)

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