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The 8Dio Studio Vintage Series Suitcase 54 Piano is the most
comprehensively deep-sampled Suitcase ever created. Recorded
and processed at 24-Bit / 96Khz at our famous British Studio
through a large custom NEVE desk. The Suitcase Piano contains
both standard (Sustains and Staccato w/ RR) and prepared arti-
culations (Plucked Tines and Muted Tines). All standard sustain
samples were recorded with both pedal up and pedal down positions.

In addition we also added staccatissimo (w/ round robin) for fast
playing styles. We also opened up the Suitcase and recorded the
insides of it, including plucking the tines and gently muting them
for different types of sounds. The Vintage Suitcase 54 Piano also
contains a large selection of presets, which shows many variations
of the instrument. The Suitcase contains 8 different types of vintage
microphones and 2 different types of world-class reverbs. The micro-
phones includes Neumann 87s, Coles, Neve SE Ribbons, AKG 414s,
Neumann KM 184s and a mixed microphone position, which was made by
combining all 24 microphones used in the sessions. We also recorded
all samples through two world-class reverbs (Bricasti and TC-Electro-
nics 6000), so you have the best microphones and reverbs right at your
finger tips. The Suitcase was recorded with a 100% analogue NEVE Pre-
Amp Signal Flow and further enhanced with a physical hardware chain,
including Manley Vari Mu Compressor, Original Urei 1176 (Pre-Universal
Audio), Original DBX 160, Neve 33609 Compressor.

The Suitcase also includes full control over velocity response, tremolo
and tremolo rate controls, resonance and release triggers, pedal volume,
analog noise control and full ADSR controls. The 8Dio Studio Vintage
Series Suitcase 54 Piano is best described as an incredible warm,
cinematic and emotive experience and the ultimate sampled Suitcase

:Deep Sampling

The Vintage Suitcase 54 Piano contains over 27.000 samples and a
gorgeous fully 3D rendered interface. Everything was lovingly recorded
at a incredibly well known British Studio through custom NEVE Consoles
and offers you the most versatile Upright Piano we have ever played.
Whether you want the best studio microphones (ex. Neumann u87, Cole,
Neve Ribbon Mics). The best reverbs (ex. Bricasti M7 or TC 6000).
It is all there at your finger tips.

:Deep Options

What sets the Vintage Suitcase 54 Piano apart from competitors is
not just the great recordings, programming or stunning lay-out.
But it is also the wealth of features allowing you to dial in
precisely the sound you want. Whether its controlling the dynamic
feel of the piano with a single click, the resonance, the pedal
volume, ADSR or even the sounds of your fingers touching the keys.
No engineering degree required. It all just makes sense.

:Superior Reverbs

We sampled the Suitcase through two of the best studio reverbs
in the world (TC6000 and Bricasti), so you get access to the
sweetest sound of all. The reverbs can be activated with a single
click and gives you instant access and control over the two
reverbs that have defined studio reverbs more then anything else.
You can control both pan, spread and volume of each reverbs.
No more convolution. We literally sampled the Suitcase through
them using a pristine signal path designed by some of the worlds
best engineers.

:World-Class Microphones

The Suitcase 54 Piano gives you access to the best studio
microphones for pianos, including Neumann u87s & KM 184s.
Neve SE Ribbons, Royers, AKG 414s and a sweet mixed microphone
position made from them all. So in essence you have 8 microphone
positions, including DI Clean, DI Crush and DI Warm.

Engineering doesnt get finer then this and you can literally
dial in precisely what you want with a few clicks.

:Chaos 3.4 FX

Suitcase Piano contains our new Chaos 3.4 FX system, which allows
you to virtually do anything you desire to the Suitcase. Whether
its redesigning the layout by key-control, create a step-based
filter sequencer, precision dial EQ, bit-crush or distort, stereo
delay or mess around with dual convolution reverbs. We also added
our latest convolution, which allows you create Textural Convolution
Delays on top of the existing stereo-delay and convolution reverb.

:Main Articulations

- Sustains (Pedal Up / Pedal Down)
- Staccatissimo (5 round robin)
- Muted
- Plucked
- 33 Custom Presets

: DI Clean, DI Warm and DI Crush

- Sustains (Pedal Up / Pedal Down)
- Staccatissimo (5 round robin)
- Muted
- Plucked
- 33 Presets

:Neumann, Neve, Coles, AKG and Royers mics

- Sustains (Pedal Up / Pedal Down)
- Staccatissimo (5 round robin)
- Muted
- Plucked
- 33 Presets


Recorded at a famous British studio with all microphone positions recorded
through a custom NEVE desk. All microphones can of course be loaded/unloaded
and include Volume, Stereo Spread, Pan, Solo and Mute functions

- Mixed Microphone (Sweet processed Mix of all mics)
- Neumann u87 Microphones
- Neumann Km 184 Microphones
- Coles 4038 Microphones
- Neve SE Ribbon Microphones
- AKG 414 Microphones
- Royers R-121s Microphones

:Two additional pro-grade reverb options

- TC6000 (incl. On/Off, Pan, Spread, Volume)
- Bricasti (incl. On/Off, Pan, Spread, Volume)


The Studio Vintage Suitcase 54 Piano was recorded through a custom Rupert
Neve Desk with 100% analogue Neve pre-amp signal flow. The sounds were
then processed through the following physical hardware units.

- Manley Vari Mu Compressor
- Urei 1175 (Pre-Universal Audio)
- DBX 160
- Neve 33609 Compressor
- Bricasti M7
- TC Electronics 6000

* (whoopie fuk'n doo !!)

:The Vintage Suitcase 54 Piano has a wealth of options.

- Uniquely sampled Pedal Up and Pedal Down
- Live Keyswitch, CC, & Auto Detect Controls over the
core articulations.
- Live Velocity Mapper and Dynamics Response Control
- Sympathetic Resonance Control
- Pedal Volume Control
- Release Triggers of Hammer Action
- Tremolo and Tremolo Rate Control
- True Noise & Room Tone from the untouched signal chain
- Click, Stacked and Keys Control
- ADSR Controls.


- Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or later required
- Not Compatible with Free Kontakt Player
- 16.4GB / 27.062 Samples
- PC Quadcore / 2.4GZ+, 8GB ram
- MAC Quadcore / 2.6Ghz, 8GB ram

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