Breed Hysteria in Media Compromises Public Knowledge of Dog Bite Hazards

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The current media and government frenzy over pit bulls can be observed all over the Internet, television and in other news sources. Legislative measures have resulted from the popular perception that pit bulls are more dangerous than other dogs. In Maricopa County Arizona 750 pit bulls were scheduled to be put to death in May. Breed hysteria has struck before. In the 1970s, Doberman pincers were regarded as the most dangerous dog. In the 1980s, it was German shepherds. In the 1990s, it was Rottweilers. The fact remains that, without the proper training and discipline, any dog can be dangerous. Avoiding dog bites is oftentimes something that requires you to take a look at the owner more than the breed of dog.

Bad Owners

Advocates for pit bulls and other breeds emphasize that properly training dogs and properly caring for them is the best way to avoid situations where the dog ends up biting someone. Sometimes, you can tell a lot more about a dog by taking a look at how its owner treats it than by looking at the breed. In fact, if you're getting your information from the media about breeds of dogs, you probably have a lot of misconceptions. For example, pit bulls do not have the highest bite strength of any dog, German shepherds do.

New Treatment May Aid Those with Debilitating Migraines

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A new treatment that stimulates the occipital nerve may bring relief to some migraine sufferers. According to a press release, the treatment may provide relief when other types of treatments fail.

The Treatment

The treatment involves implanting a device in the body that delivers a small electrical current to the occipital nerves. The device is rather like a pacemaker, according to the press release. In fact, it is implanted in the chest, though the device actually stimulates nerves in the skull. They can be programmed by the doctor.

Golf Course Case Gives Insight Into Premise Liability

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Ask most people what premise liability is and the likely response will involve a scenario such as slipping and falling in a retail establishment. Premise liability actually involves more than this, however. A recent settlement between a 42-year-old golfer and Legends Golf Holdings LLC in South Carolina illustrates this point. According to a press release, the golfer was playing at the Pawley's Island Heritage Club when he slipped and fell on a bridge on the course. He sustained serious injuries, including an injury to his knee and two herniated discs in his neck. The settlement, according to the press release, amounted to $400,000.

Inside and Out

So, what is premise liability? Premise liability describes a property owner's responsibility for the safety of the people on that property. It concerns itself with negligence. When a property owner is negligent, they may end up injuring someone through unreasonable actions or inaction. The idea behind premise liability law is to give the people who are injured a legal recourse that allows them to seek damages. In a Texas court system, the civil courts provide a way to get material compensation for material damages.

June is National Safety Month

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Unintentional injuries can occur in the workplace, in the home or anywhere else. The costs to the people affected, businesses and the economy on the whole are significant. In fact, it is currently estimated that unintentional injuries end up costing American citizens and their employers $730 billion. This works out to a cost of $6,200 per household, according to a press release by the National Safety Council.

The National Safety Council put out a press release announcing that June will be National Safety Month. Safety in the workplace is a particularly challenging area, both for employers and employees. Between the various workplaces in the nation, the level and types of hazards that employees face vary wildly. In some situations, injuries occur because employers deliberately neglect safety regulations that are designed to keep employees safe.

When Nursing Home Abuse is Discovered

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Nursing home abuse can go on for quite a while before it is discovered in some cases, unfortunately. In a lot of cases, nursing home mistreatment is not visited upon every patient at the nursing home. In fact, there are quite a few cases where one or two patients are singled out by staff members and abused mercilessly and continuously. If your loved one is in a nursing home facility where abuse was discovered, you'll want to take the following measures, among others, to find out what happened.

1: Exam

Depending upon the mental clarity of your loved one, it may be difficult for them to communicate what happened to them. In fact, some elderly people will not even remember being abused if they suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer's or dementia. Having a physician examine your loved one to make certain that there are no signs of abuse is the most reliable way to determine if anything was going on physically. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to prove whether there was mental abuse if the patient involved happens to be significantly mentally impaired due to illnesses or very advanced age.

What Isn't Medical Malpractice

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Sometimes, doctors do things that seem like they could be medical malpractice but which are not. You have to be aware of this if you're considering filing a lawsuit for medical malpractice. You should speak with an attorney to be sure, but be aware of the following things that are not malpractice.

1: Rudeness

Doctors and nurses are oftentimes very busy. Sometimes they're not exactly the warmest people on Earth. This is called bedside manner and not all doctors excel at coming off as compassionate or even interested in your wellbeing. As long as they give you proper care and hold up their duties to you as a physician, they're not being negligent. In fact, sometimes, doctors and nurses need to be a bit rude. They're trying to help and some patients make it hard.

Medications and Medical Malpractice

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Medical malpractice sometimes takes the form of doctors handing out the wrong medications to treat a condition. There are also cases, however, where there are other factors to consider that may involve suing someone other than the doctor themselves. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Was it the Wrong Drug or a Dangerous Drug?

If a physician gave you the wrong drug and it caused you harm, it might be a case of medical negligence. If the drug itself was dangerous, however, you may be looking at a potential dangerous drug case. There are some drugs that have gotten onto the market that proved to be very dangerous after having been used for a long time. If you've been treated with such a drug, it may not be the doctor's fault.

Getting Home Safe

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One of the most frustrating things about drunk driving is that there's really no reason that it should even occur anymore. There is such great awareness that it's a problem and there are so many different ways that anybody can get home at night after having had too many that getting behind the wheel drunk is simply negligent in all cases. Here are some tips to help you get home at night if you've had too many drinks.

1: Talk to the Bartender

Most bartenders would be more than happy to call you a cab or do whatever they have to do to get you home safely. Sometimes, specific taxi companies or other services will have arrangements with the bar that expedite pickups for people who can't drive their own vehicle home. It may cost you a bit of money to take a cab, but it's a lot better than sitting in jail after getting busted for drunk driving.

How Damages in Drunk Driving Cases Work

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In drunk driving cases, damages are awarded for many different reasons. The basic idea behind any lawsuit is to provide a way for somebody who is wronged because of someone else's negligence to get compensation for the expenses that they have endured. Damages are awarded for other reasons, as well, some of which are not as easy to quantify in dollar amounts. Here are some basics.

1: Property Damage

Property damage is one of the first things that an attorney will consider when they are preparing a lawsuit. Ideally, they will be able to get you compensated for all of the property damage you suffered and, if necessary, also get enough compensation to help you repurchase any property you lost, i.e. your car.

Understanding Your Rights on the Road

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Every driver using the public roads has certain rights and is allowed to have certain expectations of other drivers. Most of the expectations that people are allowed to have of other drivers are very reasonable. For example, you have the right to expect that other drivers will exercise a reasonable amount of care and caution when driving their vehicles. When people do not, and when you're injured as a result of it, you sometimes have an opportunity to have a Dallas car wreck attorney see if they can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Reasonable Care and Caution

The laws that have to do with negligence on the roadways don't require people to drive like professionals. They only required people to exhibit the level of skill and consideration that would be expected of any normal person who has a driver's license. When they do not follow through on this, people sometimes end up getting injured. The ways that people let their fellow drivers down are numerous. Consider the following common behaviors that sometimes end up injuring people:

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