Survey Reveals Surprising Facts About Slip and Fall Injuries

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The website Sustainable Plant has a survey out designed to educate people about slip and fall injuries. These injuries kill many more people each year than you likely believe and, because of that, they do merit attention from plant owners, retail shop owners and even private homeowners.


How Many People Die

Every year, approximately 17,000 people die due to injuries sustained during a slip and fall accident. This number may surprise you. It is, in fact, comparable to the populations of most small cities. With this many people being killed every year by these accidents, it's no wonder that they're in the news a lot.


Remember that populations such as senior citizens are particularly at risk of dying in one of these accidents because of their typically fragile health and bodies.

Slip and Fall Injury Nets More than $38 Million

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A California jury awarded a plaintiff $38.6 million in compensation due to a slip and fall incident that resulted in a brain injury. According to reporting in the Legal Examiner, the victim was on a hotel balcony at the time when they slipped off and fell to the ground.


It was found that the railings on the balconies were below the height required by building codes. The report details that, in the 1970s, the building code required that railings the 42 inches high. The motel railing was found to be 34 inches high.

Kroger Sued Over Slip and Fall Incident

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A lawsuit has been filed against the Kroger Co. and against an employee at one of their stores due to a slip and fall injury. The lawsuit alleges that the victim was shopping at the supermarket when she slipped on a wet surface near a cooler.


According to the lawsuit, no signage had been put out to warn customers that the area was slippery and nobody had yet mopped up the liquid at the time of the accident. The lawsuit lists this as negligent and includes several expenses in the damages being sought. The damages include mental anguish and emotional distress, court costs, attorney fees, and past and future medical expenses.

Houston Releases Video to Help People Survive Workplace Shooters

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The City of Houston is trying to educate people as to how to survive an incident where an active shooter invades their workplace or another location. The city produced a video that offers a dramatization of a shooter, armed with a shotgun, walking through a place of business and opening fire at random. With several mass shootings making the news in recent months, this information should be useful to anybody who works in a public place or, for that matter, who enjoys attending a lot of public events.

Celebrity Couple Sued Over Slip and Fall

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Well-known public figures William H Macy and Felicity Huffman have been hit with a lawsuit over a staircase at their home, according to reporting by TMZ. The woman filing the lawsuit claims that she fell down the stairway in April of 2011, sustaining injuries.


The lawsuit also alleges that the couple was negligent because the staircase was an obvious hazard and they did not warn the woman who fell about the risks. The reporting goes on to say that the lawsuit seeks damages of more than $25,000. Lost wages and medical expenses are included among the damages.

Premises Liability

Most of the premise liability lawsuits you'll see have to do with commercial properties. Many of them involve cases where someone slipped on wet floor surfaces, fell down stairs and so forth. Private homeowners, however, can sometimes be successfully sued when someone is injured on their property because conditions were obviously hazardous. What's important is that the attorney arguing the case for the plaintiff can successfully establish that the premises owner was negligent.

BP Pays $13 Million to Settle Refinery Lawsuit

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BP Products North America, Inc. has agreed to settle citations issued against them for a sum total of $13 million. The citations were issued against the Texas City refinery. According to reporting on BLR, the refinery had a slew of issues with safety, resulting in an investigation that saw them received 270 failure to abate notices in 2009. In addition, a $30 million fine was levied in 2009 and, in 2010, the company agreed to pay a fine of $50.6 million to resolve the notices.


In September of 2005, an incident at the refinery ended up killing 15 workers and injuring many more. As a result of that, BP was cited for $21 million, according to the reporting. The additional fines were the results of failures to correct the deficiencies found after the investigation into the deaths.

Lawsuit Filed over Unmarked Wet Floor

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A situation involving a wet floor with no sign to mark it ended up in a lawsuit being filed in Jefferson County. The lawsuit, as reported by the Southeast Texas Record, has been file against an O'Reilly Auto Parts store.


The lawsuit in Jefferson County alleges that there was a spill at the O'Reilly's store and that it was not market. The plaintiff fell on a liquid that was not marked. The lawsuit is claiming damages for pain and lost wages, mental anguish, alleged past and future medical expenses and court costs, according to the article.

This lawsuit has much in common with others of its kind in terms of what damages are being sought for and why they're being sought in the first place.

EHS Today Article Answers Common Questions About Recording Injuries

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 16th, 2012 recently ran an article that will be of interest to some employers. The article comes after a construction company was cleared of charges that they did not properly record some accidents. There are specific regulations that apply to how injuries in the workplace have to be recorded. Unfortunately, many employers don't realize the actual nature of these laws and regulations and skirt them without being aware of it.

When to Record

Generally speaking, employers tend to misinterpret the fact that OSHA has a six-month statute of limitations on certain actions related to workplace injuries. One of the mistakes employers make is failing to record injuries that were not reported until more than six months after they actually occurred. This is not actually how the statue limitations works. If you receive information that a workplace injury has occurred, according to the article, you have to log the injury and properly recorded within seven days. OSHA has six months to issue a citation if you fail to record it but, simply because the injury occurred six months earlier does not mean it doesn't need to be recorded.

Falls on Hazardous Floors Are Leading Cause of Accidental Death Among Elderly, Study

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Falling on hazardous floors is the leading cause of accidental death among the elderly, according to studies done by the National Floor Safety Institute. The editor of EHT magazine, where are article detailing the study was published, said that 8 million people seek emergency room treatment every year for instances where they have slipped and fallen on a hazardous floor. There are many different circumstances under which floors can become hazardous.

Dangerous Flooring

Hazardous floors can exist under a variety of condition. In many cases where someone seeks treatment for injuries, they fell on a wet floor that didn't provide them with adequate traction. They may have fallen on stairs that were not marked clearly to indicate their edges or they may have slipped on concrete that was slick with oil or other contaminants. The injuries can be very severe.

National Young Worker Safety Day Encourages Workplace Safety

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National Young Worker Safety Day was held on June 25 in College Station. The event is the kickoff of a campaign being undertaken by CareerSafe Online that has the goal of educating 1 million students by December 31, 2015. Younger workers are disproportionally likely to be injured in the workplace. In fact, compared to the risk that workers 25 years of age and older face, workers between 16 and 24 are twice as likely to be injured at work.

The Outreach

The idea behind the campaign is to create an opportunity for people between 16 and 24 years of age to learn about how they can stay safe in the workplace. The benefits of this, of course, include making the people who go through the program more employable and more aware of the dangers posed in their workplaces. Organizers hope that those benefits will affect employers, as well.

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