When Truck Drivers Have Accidents while Driving Overtime

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 24th, 2009

Truck accidents are often attributed to fatal consequences. A truck can average over 80,000 pounds when filled with cargo. This heavy weight causes trucks to apply brakes much longer than cars and trucks. To make their money quicker, many truck drivers choose to drive past the allotted time they are supposed to. Working overtime can be the cause of many truck wrecks.


The Facts behind Truck Driver Fatigue

According to, truck drivers are accounted for many issues. Truck driver fatigue is a contributing factor in 30-40 percent of all truck wrecks. Every year, over 5,000 individuals are killed and over 145,000 people are injured due to truck wrecks. In 1998, 98 percent of truck wreck fatalities involved occupants of passenger cars.


Regulations on Truck Driving Hours

What is the Most Dangerous Highway in Dallas/Ft Worth?

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 19th, 2009

Dallas-Fort Worth is considered one of the largest metropolitan areas in the entire United States. Wikipedia states that Dallas-Fort Worth is the busiest airport in Texas and the third busiest airport in the entire world with 685,491 aircraft movements, verified by the Airports Council International. The airport also has the ninth busiest international gateway in the U.S.

What if an Uninsured Motorist Hits Me?

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 17th, 2009

It is illegal  for an uninsured driver to drive a vehicle in the state of Texas, or in any other state for that matter. Insurance Journal stated that the national average is about one in seven uninsured drivers. The statistics are staggering, not only because driving without insurance is against the law, but also because it is a crime that is so easily discovered by police.

What Are the 5 Worst Auto Insurance Companies?

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 6th, 2009

After a vehicle accident, victims have many chores, including calling their auto insurance companies. This is why it’s important to find one that will help you past the ordeal of being in a car accident. When choosing an auto insurance company, many people base their decision on the myriad of television commercials abound.

Wrong Way on the North Texas Tollway Again

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 30th, 2009

Date: October 29, 2009
Location: Southbound on North Texas Tollway, Dallas, Texas
Type: Pick-up truck wreck

Local television channel, WFAA, reported on another accident due to a driver going the wrong way on the North Dallas Tollway again. The Texas Department of Public Safety said 39-year-old Dick Eastin of Addison drove his pickup truck northbound in the southbound lanes of the tollway early Thursday morning.

The Aftermath of Vehicle Accidents—What Should You Do?

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 27th, 2009

Date: October 2, 2009
Location: 8300 block of 610 North Loop East, Houston, Texas
Type: Car accident

12 Texas Students Injured in School Bus Crash

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Date: October, 13 2009
Location: FM 1518, Abbot Road, San Antonio, Texas
Type: School Bus Accident, Pickup Truck accident

A Schertz-Cibolo-University City school bus collided with a pickup truck, which injured 12 students and the driver of the truck. The school bus wreck happened on Tuesday morning, October 13, 2009 around 6:52 a.m. at the intersection of FM 1518 and Abbott Road, as reported by The Gazette-Enterprise.

Losing Your Home and Your Car in a Car Accident

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 20th, 2009

Date: October 5, 2009
Location: Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Type: Car Accident

In Fort Walton Beach, Florida, a motorist was left carless and homeless after a car accident. Eddie Campbell had been living in his Chevy S-10 for a while, citing expensive home prices as the cause of his homelessness. To Campbell, his blue Chevy truck was his home.

Why is it Important to Consult with an Attorney after a Truck Accident?

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 15th, 2009

Car accidents are a huge issue on the roads and a big concern for many drivers, but there is also the ever looming danger of accidents involving 18 wheelers. While there are fewer truck accidents compared to accidents involving passenger vehicles, the damage and injuries are often far worse. Weighing in at about 80,000 pounds, these vehicles can do a lot of damage and they are sometimes being operated by a driver who has been driving for many hours and has had little sleep.

Pedestrian Accidents – the Forgotten Threat

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 12th, 2009

When most people think of car accidents they think of one car colliding with another in some fashion. Pedestrian accidents, where a vehicle runs into a person on foot, rarely come to mind. Amazingly, 11 percent of fatalities caused by motor vehicles involve pedestrians.

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