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50 Year Sentence in Daycare Abuse Case

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 2nd, 2012

A Spartanburg, South Carolina woman has been sentenced to 15 years in prison over six counts of committing or attempting to commit lewd acts on children under the age of 16. The woman worked at a daycare center in 2010 and, according to reporting in several sources, she abused the children in the bathroom. Some of the facets of this case should be telling to anybody who has reason to suspect that daycare abuse is going on.

Out of the Way Places

Many abusers will make an effort to isolate children so that they can abuse them. This simply provides the abuser with opportunity. Once the abuser has the child isolated from other children and from any supervision by the staff, they're free to conduct their abuse. One of the things you want to look for in a good daycare facility is an environment where it is very difficult to isolate children from one another or from the rest of the staff.

Sadly, a great deal of daycare abuse is sexual in nature. Abusers will sometimes shame and sometimes intimidate children into not saying anything about the abuse. When they are able to isolate children to keep them intimidated, it's even easier for an abuser to keep on with what they are doing.

Hawaii Slip and Fall Case Pays over $5 Million

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 8th, 2012


A recent slip and fall injury case in Hawaii has paid the largest ever jury verdict in history for that state. The woman who was injured in a slip and fall accident in a fast food restaurant ended up receiving $5.67 million. She suffered a disabling spinal injury after she fell, and such injuries are all too common in these cases.

Why Are they Dangerous?

You've probably heard that people can die falling from their own height. This, even though it sounds like something of an urban legend, is precisely true. If you fall on a hard surface and strike your head or other vital areas of your body, you can easily be seriously injured or die. Slip and fall accidents can be extremely dangerous in certain establishments.

Dog Bite Claim Costs Up

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 8th, 2012


According to a report by the Insurance Journal, the cost of dog bite claims has risen over 53 percent between 2003 and 2011. Legal settlements, jury awards and medical bills all play into this. If you have a dog, it's important that you make certain that you're responsible. If you're bitten by a dog on somebody's property, or your own, you may want to contact an attorney about the matter, since the medical and other expenses associated with these injuries can be very high.


If you're a dog owner, you can get insurance to protect you in the event of a lawsuit. Some policies will have umbrella coverage that will cover somebody if your dog bites them on your property. You may want to look into other types of coverage, as well, to make certain that you don't end up looking at a lawsuit because your dog got out of control.

If you are bitten, talking to an attorney is highly advisable.

Cerebral Palsy and Negligence

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 8th, 2012


Birth injuries that cause cerebral palsy are always investigated. Immediately following the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, scans, blood tests, lab tests and physical examinations will be conducted to determine how the child came to sustain the brain injury. It may turn out that negligence was a primary cause of the brain injury or it may turn out that the brain injury was the result of an unavoidable circumstance of the birth, pregnancy or conditions directly after birth. No matter what happens, parents in this situation are understandably distressed. Finding information is important.

Aspiring Rapper Killed While Driving and Texting, Drunk

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 8th, 2012


A 21-year-old aspiring rapper was killed over Labor Day in Ontario, according to reports in Time magazine. As the article points out, the death marks the second time that a story about somebody texting while driving has ended up with someone nearly or actually getting killed. In both cases, there is a bit of very sad irony involved. The first driver, from Texas, had texted that he was putting himself in danger by texting and driving before he drove off of a cliff. In this case, the texts were much more explicit about what was going on.

Amusement Parks Make Big Bucks But Can Be Dangerous

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 8th, 2012


According to a report in Daily Finance, amusement parks have been doing quite well over the year. In fact, the report says that Six Flags is expected to have an 8 percent increase in revenue this year. The increasing profitability of amusement parks does bring up some questions, however. Some of the rides at amusement parks can be very dangerous if they're not properly maintained and if safety regulations are not followed closely.

ABM Practitioner Relates Success with CP Patient

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 8th, 2012


A recent article in the Huffington Post related an Anat Baniel—a form of massage—practitioner's success dealing with a patient with very severe cerebral palsy symptoms. There are some success stories that involve using massage as a way to treat this disorder and it makes sense. Cerebral palsy oftentimes involves very painful and debilitating spasms and, of course, massage can address those directly.

What is Premises Liability?

Submitted by jrlaw on Sep 12th, 2012


Premises liability can be described in two useful ways for people who are not lawyers. First, it encompasses the law that describes how a landowner or property owner is responsible for the injuries suffered by people on their land. Second, it can be understood in terms of how it is applied in everyday life. Some examples can help to clarify what premise liability law is all about.


Retail Establishments

Premises liability law allows retail store owners to function with a clear idea of what their responsibilities are under the law. They typically care insurance to cover them in the even that they are sued because of an injury. Their responsibilities are not particularly demanding. They need to maintain a reasonably safe environment for the people who visit their stores. This means providing safe surfaces to walk on, providing signage to warn of hazards and making sure that their customers are discouraged from taking risks that are inappropriate. For instance, stores with high shelves oftentimes have plenty of signage warning you against trying to access the high shelves without assistance. This is an example of a storeowner being responsible.

Texas Walmart Sued for Slip and Fall

Submitted by jrlaw on Sep 12th, 2012


The Spring area Walmart has been sued by a woman who claims that she was injured because of negligence. The lawsuit alleges that, on August 22, 2010, the woman suffered a slip and fall while she was shopping, according to reporting in Ultimate Spring.


What the woman slipped on is not specified in the lawsuit. The lawsuit, however, alleges that the slip and fall could've been completely prevented it the floor had been cleaned or if shoppers have been warned.


A wet floor with no sign can present a serious hazard to anybody in a retail establishment or any other type of establishment. In fact, if people are warned about the hazards presented to them by a wet floor, it's very easy to not even notice that the floor is slippery and to walk on the surface, risking injury or worse. Slip and fall accidents can be deadly to people, particularly people who are older and who may not be in good condition physically.

Survey Reveals Surprising Facts About Slip and Fall Injuries

Submitted by jrlaw on Sep 12th, 2012


The website Sustainable Plant has a survey out designed to educate people about slip and fall injuries. These injuries kill many more people each year than you likely believe and, because of that, they do merit attention from plant owners, retail shop owners and even private homeowners.


How Many People Die

Every year, approximately 17,000 people die due to injuries sustained during a slip and fall accident. This number may surprise you. It is, in fact, comparable to the populations of most small cities. With this many people being killed every year by these accidents, it's no wonder that they're in the news a lot.


Remember that populations such as senior citizens are particularly at risk of dying in one of these accidents because of their typically fragile health and bodies.

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