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Top Five Driving Distractions - Do You Commit these Sins?

Submitted by Anonymous on May 26th, 2009

Just a day after Memorial Day weekend, and already we've been hearing stories about careless drivers on the road, in the air, on the water - and the vehicle wrecks and accidents they've caused in Texas.

Van Rollover Accident - Involving a Daycare

Submitted by jrlaw on May 21st, 2009

From the files of "here we go again:"

Coleman Camping Products at Center of Fraud in California

Submitted by Anonymous on May 20th, 2009

From time to time, we receive reports from not only our clients about current personal injury news, but from friends of the law firm as well. John Bisnar and Brian Chase, of the Orange County, California law firm Bisnar | Chase sent out a press release yesterday, looking to shine a little bit of attention on a personal injury case they're working on. The basic facts of the case: on December 30, 2005, Trevor Dennis and his parents were camping at the Octillo Wells Desert Recreation area in California. Trevor, then nine years old, went to bed in the camping trailer, which was heated by a Model 5053 ProCat PerfecTemp Coleman propane heater. Later in the evening, the heater malfunctioned, causing the trailer to burst into flames - while Trevor was inside. Most of the trailer was destroyed, and Trevor sustained severe burns over much of his body. Trevor's injuries will require extensive ongoing medical care. Yet here's where the case turns: Coleman had been violating California law prohibiting non-vented portable heaters from being sold for use indoors. This statute was designed to prevent propane heaters - which use natural gas to warm the air - from non-ventilated areas, potentially causing significant harm. The packaging and labeling of the heater clearly indicated that the heater could be used indoors.

Update: Jardine Baby Crib Recall

Submitted by Anonymous on May 13th, 2009

The Jardine Baby Crib recall, announced on April 30, 2009 and covered previously in this blog, has consumers fuming. This latest post from the Consumerist, a social resource for all consumer woes, highlights the arcane, unusual, and backward practices involved with crib recall procedures. (It also includes one of the cuter baby pictures I've seen.)
Other consumers are disgruntled as well: this is the second recall of these cribs and many customers are noting that Jardine is requiring customers to ship the crib back to the company (via FedEx) and THEN receive a voucher for a new crib. Screws and all. Disassembling a crib is just as difficult and confusing as the original assembly was; keeping all the screws in the process, while watching the baby who used to sleep in the crib, is, by many accounts, impossible. Not to mention a child without a bed while waiting each day for the mail to be delivered.
We find this unacceptable. Product safety, especially when children are involved, is of paramount importance, and the recall process should be efficient, predictable, and easy. Requiring this much effort on the part of customers is silly, if not dangerous. Shame to Jardine and to any other retailer who complicate this necessary process!

Another Possible Heparin Contamination?

Submitted by jrlaw on May 13th, 2009

A quick update on drug safety: today, the FDA announced that it is testing and reviewing the drug Heparin following the possibly related death of two Delaware patients last week, sparking new concerns of Heparin contamination. Though the 2008 contamination was linked to Chinese-based products, the drug was found responsible for more than eighty deaths. Will these two deaths - and third illness, also in Delaware - be enough to conduct a full review of the safety and efficacy of drug production and process? The FDA has remained quiet on the issue, stating only that this incident appears to be isolated. We're not so sure, and will stay up-to-date on the FDA investigation and conclusions.


Dining Out? Take a Tip: Be Careful What You Order

Submitted by Anonymous on May 11th, 2009

No longer is the catchphrase "Snakes on a Plane" appropriate. We've upgraded to "Snakes on a Plate."

This story falls into the dual categories of gross and unbelievable: last week, a regular diner a New York-area TGI Friday's was appalled to find a decomposing snake head underneath his broccoli. The diner, certainly with a stronger stomach than I, was able to snap several photos of the snake with his cell phone before reporting his finding to the waiter (who gagged) and the manager (who was apologetic).

Cowboys Accident Update

Submitted by Anonymous on May 6th, 2009

There are several updates to this week's major DFW story on the collapse of a Dallas Cowboys rookie practice facility in Irving, Texas - see our earlier article on the facility collapse to get up to speed on these events:

Let's Talk about Tort Reform: Part One - All About Torts & Personal Injury Law

Submitted by Anonymous on May 6th, 2009

Let's talk about tort reform. It's not quite as sexy as Salt-N-Pepa, but just as important regardless of who you are and what you stand for.

Tort reform refers to the modification of the tort law system to achieve three main goals: to reduce tort-related litigation, to reduce liability for tortious acts, and to reduce damages awarded to those injured in tort claims.

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