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Another Possible Heparin Contamination?

Submitted by jrlaw on May 13th, 2009

A quick update on drug safety: today, the FDA announced that it is testing and reviewing the drug Heparin following the possibly related death of two Delaware patients last week, sparking new concerns of Heparin contamination. Though the 2008 contamination was linked to Chinese-based products, the drug was found responsible for more than eighty deaths. Will these two deaths - and third illness, also in Delaware - be enough to conduct a full review of the safety and efficacy of drug production and process? The FDA has remained quiet on the issue, stating only that this incident appears to be isolated. We're not so sure, and will stay up-to-date on the FDA investigation and conclusions.


Dining Out? Take a Tip: Be Careful What You Order

Submitted by Anonymous on May 11th, 2009

No longer is the catchphrase "Snakes on a Plane" appropriate. We've upgraded to "Snakes on a Plate."

This story falls into the dual categories of gross and unbelievable: last week, a regular diner a New York-area TGI Friday's was appalled to find a decomposing snake head underneath his broccoli. The diner, certainly with a stronger stomach than I, was able to snap several photos of the snake with his cell phone before reporting his finding to the waiter (who gagged) and the manager (who was apologetic).

Cowboys Accident Update

Submitted by Anonymous on May 6th, 2009

There are several updates to this week's major DFW story on the collapse of a Dallas Cowboys rookie practice facility in Irving, Texas - see our earlier article on the facility collapse to get up to speed on these events:

Let's Talk about Tort Reform: Part One - All About Torts & Personal Injury Law

Submitted by Anonymous on May 6th, 2009

Let's talk about tort reform. It's not quite as sexy as Salt-N-Pepa, but just as important regardless of who you are and what you stand for.

Tort reform refers to the modification of the tort law system to achieve three main goals: to reduce tort-related litigation, to reduce liability for tortious acts, and to reduce damages awarded to those injured in tort claims.

Breaking News: Hydroxycut Recall

Submitted by jrlaw on May 1st, 2009

Straight from the news wires: the popular weight-loss drug Hydroxycut is undergoing a massive recall due to unsafe ingredients. The FDA is reporting more than 25 instances of serious health-related events and 1 death due to liver failure after normal use of the product. Symptoms of liver injury include: jaundice (yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes) and brown urine. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, light-colored stools, excessive fatigue, weakness, stomach or abdominal pain, itching, and loss of appetite. Other health problems reported include seizures, cardiovascular disorders, and rhabdomyolysis, a type of muscle damage that can lead to other serious health problems such as kidney failure. Perhaps you remember Hyrdoxycut from the mid-90s - back when ephedra was still legal in diet products. Hydroxycut took a major hit when ephedra was removed from all dietary products, and a quick reformulation of Hydroxycut may have skipped several safety steps. The FDA does not monitor these types of "all natural" supplements, but can enforce a recall in the event of serious health risks. Have you suffered adverse health effects while taking Hydroxycut? Contact us today to discuss your possible legal recourse.

Swine Flu & You - How to Prevent and Avoid Swine Flu

Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 29th, 2009

The Dallas Morning News is reporting several local school closures due to swine flu, including high schools, elementary schools, and preschool programs across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Unsafe Chinese Products?

Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 22nd, 2009

Over the past several years, big-name and high-profile companies have recalled products bearing the stamp "Made in China" due to defective, dangerous, and unsafe components. Chinese products represent approximately 60% of all products sold in the United States. Yet questions continue to arise regarding the inspection and safety of these products BEFORE reaching the consumer. A quick highlight of these major cases:

Avoiding Car Accidents - Especially When You're Not in Them

Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 13th, 2009

Monday morning in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) means several things:

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