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Chameleon Carriers - A Problem in the Trucking Industry

Submitted by jrlaw on Aug 12th, 2014

A "chameleon carrier" is a name given to a trucking company which closes operations under one name, and resurrects itself under a new legal entity for the specific purpose of cleansing their record of safety and compliance violations.

Why Do Accident Lawyers Have Such Crazy, Over-The-Top TV Ads?

Submitted by jrlaw on Aug 7th, 2014

While lawyer ads on TV can sometimes be helpful by pointing out that there are options available to people who have suffered from a personal injury, they can also be extremely misleading.

Over the Top Attorney Ads on TVIt's important to understand the difference between truth and advertising hype. Certainly these crazy lawyer ads work for the law firm or they wouldn’t spend the money it costs to run them; after all, television advertising is far from cheap. The problem is that many of these ads present personal injury lawyers in an unfavorable light, one that makes the industry as a whole appear to be ambulance chasers that only care about the value of a case.

Anyone who watches television (especially daytime TV) is probably familiar with these ads. We won’t name any names here, but I’m sure you know the ones involved. Yes, the ads work, but they also tend to mislead the public about the manner in which they plan to handle your individual case. What many people are unaware of is that the firms that advertise on TV are predominantly "settlement mills" whose attorneys hardly ever see a day in court. Their business model is to settle as many cases as possible, as fast as possible. When a firm has thousands of open cases at one time, you cannot expect them to spend much personal time on your case.

How Much Does It Cost to File a Lawsuit in Texas?

Submitted by jrlaw on Aug 5th, 2014

The cost of filing a lawsuit can vary depending on the jurisdiction as well as the type of lawsuit you're looking to file. Since our firm is a personal injury law firm, we will discuss the cost of a personal injury lawsuit in Texas.

Cost of Filing a Lawsuit in TXWhen many people think about hiring a lawyer, their first thought is cost. Fortunately, with personal injury lawsuits you never have to pay anything up front. The injured victim does not assume any financial risk (no lie!). You literally only pay your attorney if and when your case is won.

All personal injury lawyers offer free telephone consultations, so take advantage of this! Take time to call several personal injury law firms in order to assess which lawyers have relevant experience and enough time to provide your case the attention it deserves.

How to Obtain a Surveillance Video of Your Car Accident

Submitted by jrlaw on Aug 1st, 2014

When you’re involved in a car accident, especially one that involves personal injury, it is important to have as many details as possible concerning the accident. While eyewitness accounts are certainly wonderful tools, sometimes people can view the same thing in different ways. This is where a video of the accident can be quite helpful.

5 Things You May Not Know About Lawyers

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 31st, 2014

The justice system depends on a number of professionals in order to operate effectively. Lawyers are your point of contact when it comes to having your case heard in court. Unfortunately, lawyers often get a bad rap due to their portrayal in the media and a general public misunderstanding of how some facets of the law work.

Underride Guards & 18-Wheeler Accidents

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 24th, 2014

The trucking industry is once again coming under fire due to a safety concern which, if fixed, could effectively save hundreds of lives each year. 18 wheeler trucks are required to have an underride guard which meets certain standards in order to provide protection to road users who would have otherwise been forced under a truck in the event of a rear-end accident.

How To File a Claim for Lost Wages After a Car Accident

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 15th, 2014

When you're in a car accident which causes serious injury, there are concerns about lost wages - especially for the families of the injured parties. So how do you go about filing a lost wages claim?

The Truth About Lawsuits - An Easy Way to Get Rich?

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 11th, 2014

There are many misconceptions when it comes to how lawsuits work.

Can I Get Rich From a Lawsuit?Many people unfortunately have this idea that lawsuits are an easy way to get rich. Filing a lawsuit is a last-resort option when it comes to a personal injury or wrongful death, and taking a case to court can be very stressful, confusing, and incredibly complex. Today we’ll look at some of the reasons why you shouldn’t think of a lawsuit as a winning lottery ticket.

High Worker Fatality Rates in Texas

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 9th, 2014
Texas has led the nation in worker fatalities for seven of the last 10 years!
Texas has recently come under fire because of its lax regulations when it comes to worker safety. In fact, recent figures show that the Lone Star State has had more on the job fatalities per year than any other state. Additionally, Texas workers have weak protections and some of the hardest-to-obtain benefits.

Truck Accidents and Recent Hours-of-Service Changes

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 2nd, 2014

Truck accidents are unfortunately common on American roads given the lax rules surrounding this industry. Even though there are hours-of-service rules, it’s not uncommon for a truck driver to work for more than 24 hours without getting adequate rest. This, in turn, leads to distracted driving as well as fatigue, two things that lead to the occurrence of numerous 18-wheeler crashes.

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